My Goals

Adriana Chacon Mackey 2015-2016 Beech Springs 5th grade

Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read more non-fiction and historical fiction. I plan to read more biographys and to go to the library more often. I can borrow my parents and grandparents non- fiction books.I also would like to get a higher score on MAP even though I am already Higher then my score.

My Math Goal

My Math goal is to study more and get better at it. I would like to work on my multiplacation and long division. I will make flash cards and study hard on Dreambox. I will try to do better in MAP and test we take throughout the year.

Behavioral Goal

My behavioral goal is to earn LIGHT everyday and do my best to learn and pay attention. I also want to earn an A in conduct. I want to attend the LIGHT celebration every 9 weeks.I hope not to be eaten by B.O.B.

My Personal Goal #1

My personal goal is to exersise more and help my family exersise more. I will go jogging every other day. I will also eat things with less calories in it.
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My Personal Goal #2

My second personal goal is to help my mom with the baby and Liliana.I also want to help make food for family,take out the trash, and change Liliana's diaper(when it's pee,dad can get the poop).I would like to get along with Juliana more even though she almost pulls my hair out.
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