Super Star News Update

December 14 - December 18

"You will make all kinds of mistakes but as long as you are generous and true and fierce you cannot hurt the world, or even seriously distress her." - Sir Winston Churchill

Hunt's Corner

Of all the weeks in the school year, this is one of my very favorite. I hope you are encouraged, refreshed, and blessed this week by the hope and joy in the faces of the little ones that surround you, trust you, and learn from your every word, expression, and action each day. Thank you for being worthy of the trust and love of our students. You are the very best, and I appreciate you!

Items to Note

  • Peppermint Village Gift Shop: THANK YOU, Rosa, for coordinating this for our students! Hasn't it looked beautiful? At the beginning of the year, we decided to give it a try and then evaluate its impact upon our students. Please take 4 minutes to provide feedback on this 4-question survey:
  • The Giving Tree: We were able to warm many of our own Stars' fingers, toes, and noses with the gifts of warmth, and I hope you were able to see their eyes light up. Thank you, again, Lisa, Elizabeth, and Mary for maintaining this each day, and to all of our dedicated SuperStars for making it a success and taking care of the whole child.
  • The CMS Symphonic Band presented a mini-concert for our 2nd graders on Wednesday. They sounded fantastic!!
  • Christmas Program: Thank you, Jenny, our 1st Grade Stars, and all of the many helping hands involved in developing a joyful, quality performance. We are looking forward to continuing this Sycamore tradition.
  • Shoes: We are in need of shoes, specifically sizes 12, 12.5, 13, and 13.5. If you have any usable sneakers hiding in your closets, or come across any at garage sales, etc., remember us!
  • Winter Wonderland! Thank you for all that you invested to make this a truly exciting wonder-full opportunity for our kids. They have been looking forward to this with such enthusiasm and anticipation!! All hands on deck! :)
  • Please clean your items from the workroom fridge by Wednesday, December 16. You are welcome to bring daily food on Thurs and Fri; please clearly mark these items with your name and date. Remaining items will be tossed!
  • We had 95% participation over Thanksgiving Break with the energy-conserving efforts of closing out our rooms. Let's make it 100% for Winter Break! Remember to complete your checklist and tape it on your door/window before you leave on Friday. Thank you! =)
  • You finish how you start: Thank you for "sweating the little things," and ensuring excellence in your job performance every day in the example you set for our little eyes: Be on time, Focus on the kids (not cell phones, shopping, or Facebook), Communicate, Plan, Engage, Support, Assess, Adjust, Dress for success. (Remember, Jeggings or tights are never appropriate unless under an professional-length skirt that falls at/just above the knee. Nothing overly tight or low-cut.) Remember Jeans guidelines, and maintain appropriate shoes and professional tops on those days. You are the Best! Thank you for respecting our time, integrity, and professions by taking care of yourselves and showing up each day in a professional way.
  • The Leadership Team has prepared some special treats for you next week. Thank you, Lisa, Tammy, Holly, Jon, and Elizabeth for taking such great care of us, our students, and our energy and attitudes, every day. See the attachment for details!
  • Our Front Office ("offensive line") put together a beautiful gift basket for an auction at Central Admin, benefiting the Crowley House of Hope. A picture was sent out to all of the campuses, and we've received numerous compliments from across the district about this representation of our campus kindness and bow-tying skill set. Whether they are scrambling for subs, running lunches and forgotten backpacks, helping parents solve problems, communicating with Maintenance, chasing Mrs. Hunt down, bandaging wounds, enrolling students, preparing reports, or serving in any number of other ways, Thank you, Patti, Melina, Elizabeth, and Letitia, for all that you do to ensure our campus runs smoothly and safely, so that students can focus on learning each day! We appreciate you!
  • No Inferencing picture will be shared this week, though you are welcome to continue on your own. We will pick up again next semester. We have committed to this as a campus-wide response to student needs, and it has been incredible to watch our students grow and develop in the quality of their responses over the last several weeks. Keep up the great work!
  • MP3 Grade Submission due by noon, Monday, January 4
  • Welcome back, Ms. Luttrell! Once a Super Star, Always a Super Star! Revonda will be the teacher of our new Functional Academics class, and will be joining us next week. The class will fill and kick off with about 6 students in January. Swing by as you are able to introduce yourself or warmly welcome our Super Star back home!
  • Ruth, thank you for sending your students to lead us in Announcements this week. We're looking forward to hearing from Ms. Limer and Ms. Bravo's class!

Christmas Program

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 5:30pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Winter Parties

Friday, Dec. 18th, 9am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Please refrain from student gift exchanges and make many positive memories together as we celebrate a fantastic first semester! Remember to snap photos with your iPad to share for Yearbook! (The party does not have to take place at 9AM, but should not begin before attendance time, and should be scheduled with lunch times in mind. Thank you!)


Friday, Dec. 18th, 7:30am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

No Specials

Parties may begin after attendance time; no student gift exchange, please

10:00 student sack lunches begin, take to classroom to eat

11:35 student dismissal—all hands on deck! :)

12:00 lunch in library

2:40-3:25 conference

Teachers, you have the option to work 7:10-3:10 Friday, rather than 7:25-3:25. If you plan to be on duty and interacting with students at 7:10, please let us know! :)

Leave Early passes are valid for use, (though only 1 at a time).

Staff Workday

Monday, Jan. 4th 2016 at 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Hours are 8AM-4PM.

Jeans/Workday clothing are appropriate. :)

Grade Submission due by 12:00 Noon!