Kindergarten News

Ms. Quick's Class

October 9th, 2015

This week in Class...

Reading: We worked on the letter Ii and the sight words "see" and "an". We also learned about Daily 5: Read to Someone

Writing: We brainstormed many ideas of things we could write about if we get stuck. We also created a class book using the sight words we have learned (I see the...)

Math: We learned what it means to sort and we did a lot of sorting. On Wednesday we took our first math test on counting, 1-5 number recognition, and sorting and everyone did great!

Science: We learned about trees and their different parts and leaves. Next week we will jump into nocturnal animals.

This week we also said Good Bye to our new friend Jesus. Jesus moved back to Texas on Tuesday.

What's Coming up Next Week?

We will continue working on letters and letter sounds. Our focus will be on the letter Nn and the sight words "me" and "to". We will continue to sound out words to add to our writing. We won't have science time this week as we will be doing PALS testing all week. In math we will continue yes/no graphs and finish our chapter with a review and skills test.

Don't forget to keep reading your book bag books and practicing your letters and letter sounds!! Your Book-It reading Calendar can stay in your book bag so you never lose it!

We will be doing the state-wide PALS assessment next week. It is very important that your child gets a good nights rest each night and breakfast in the morning. There isn't a big window to get these tests in so being at school is also very important. The assessment looks at beginning sound awareness, rhyming, letter recognition and sounds, and reading readiness.

We would also like to wish Leah a Happy Birthday on October 13th!!

I would also like to encourage you to support our volleyball program on Thursday October 15th. They will be having their "pink out" night with food, raffles, and fun. I believe the fun starts at 5:30!

Check out our class website!!
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Looking for a new way to practice letters, letter sounds, or sight words? Add labels to cups or use paper cups and write the words or letters you want to practice on them. Then hide an object under one of the cups and have your child point to a cup and say the word. If they say it right, flip the cup over. If they say it wrong flip over the cup they said. Play until they find the object.