Bystanders By: Katie Roth




a person present but not involved; chance spectator; onlooker.


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When a woman (Ruth King) was raped in a college fraternity house, there was a bystander who didn't do anything. She wanted him to speak up to help, she wanted another voice that would speak up to help her. After she was raped, she passed that man on campus, she was reminded of what he chose not to do. Ruth believes that the true perpetrator is not only the man who committed the crime, but the man who didn't help. It was the man who choose not to help a person in danger. It was the bystander who had the option to help or not, by him choosing not to help that man took away all of the woman power and voice.

'Bystanders don’t need to be superheroes. Sometimes they just need to speak up. During an attack and after an attack, that may be all that individuals need to reclaim their voices and reclaim their lives.'

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Why they choose to be bystanders

  • No one else is helping, so they don't feel they should be the one to help.
  • They assume someone else will be the one to help.
  • They don't want to "get involved'.
  • They don't know how to help the victim

How to help

  • Speak up!
  • Comfort them afterwards
  • Get your other friends to help
  • Don't stand by and be a bystander.

People who should have helped

There was a rape trial in Ohio, for the 2 perpetrators who raped the 16 year old girl, but people who could also be getting into trouble, are the people who didn't just try to stop the rape, but they also joked about it afterward. They even took this situation further, they posted pictures and "statuses" to different social media sites.


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