DC Staff Update

31 January 2016

I'm grateful this week for...

Another superb Annual Concert last week, showcasing the very best musical talent at DC. The show included a number of Y13 students who were performing for their last time.

No Boundaries 2016-17

We are proposing a major change to the secondary EOTC/No Boundaries programme for next year, where all events (Y7 Hustle, Y8&9 Camps and the Y10-12 No Boundaries) will be brought under the umbrella of a single No Boundaries week from 12-19 November 2016.

This change will have a major impact on lessening disruption to learning, as under the current arrangements these secondary events are spread over 3 different weeks. The proposal will require all secondary staff (and a number of other staff from across the school) to support some element of the programme.

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staffing update

Congratulations to Rachel Muldoon who has been appointed as Teaching & Learning Coach/PYP Coordinator (Y4-6) at ESF Clearwater Bay School. Although very sad at the thought of Rachel leaving, this is a great opportunity for her. Rachel's Y1 Team Leader position will be advertised this week.

Cobra finals - come along and support

DC Cobra teams have had a very successful season with several teams playing their way into the finals this coming week. The coaches and players would love as much support as possible so have organised larger buses to try and get as many people as possible to the games. All games at at 5.15pm and buses will depart DC at 3.30pm.

  • U20 Girls Basketball who finished first in their pool and won an epic semi final v HK Academy 33-8. They now face Australian IS on Monday 1 February at HK Academy.
  • U20 Boys Basketball who finished first in their pool and won a great semi final 52-37 against Singapore IS. They now face Yew Chung on Monday 1 February at Yew Chung.
  • U16 Boys Basketball who finished second in their pool and played fantastically in their semi final v Singapore IS losing by one point. They now face Victoria Shanghai Academy for 3rd/4th place on Wednesday 3 February at Harrow IS.
  • U14 Girls Basketball who finished first in their pool against Chinese IS winning 20-9. They now face HKIS on Tuesday 2 February at Kellett School.
  • U20 Boys Football who won in the toughest of conditions v King George V (5-1) in the ISSFHK Challenge Cup Semi Final. They are now waiting for the other semi final to be played before finding out when/where their final will be played.

Elaine Leung

Elaine Leung and her partner Erik have been assisting in the making of a documentary about Chinese immigrants in Latin America (Cuba, Peru and Mexico), which is now screening on HK TV. The series has been produced by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Elaine and Erik have been working on this project (mostly translation, interviews and research) for more than a year. There are all together 4 episodes. It is now on TVB channel - every Saturday 7:35pm – 8:30pm.


This week

A few major events this week in the lead up to the Chinese New Year holiday. The weather forecast is for continued colder (but drier) weather, so let's hope the rain stays away.

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