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March 2023

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Miracles Do Happen

Shared by Jeff Manson of Valley River Humane Society Shelter

So we would like to share what we consider to be what we are calling a Devine Kirsty Intervention.

Recently we took several dogs to Smoky Park in Asheville for transport. Natasha, who operates the Shelter Dog Transport Alliance uses this location as a rendezvous for several rescues before heading off to Canada. I asked Natasha to please send me a text to let me know that she arrived in Canada okay. I don’t usually ask her to do that but for all we’ve been through, I wanted to make sure.

That morning we had arranged a transport for six of our dogs. We headed out at 8:00 am and headed towards Landrum, SC. After dropping off five of our dogs in Landrum I received a text from Natasha indicating that she was fine and heading back. Now I could have simply replied with a great news, but for some reason I gave her our itinerary, and that we were now heading to Greenville, SC to deliver the last dog.

Five minutes after receiving my reply Natasha receive a very frantic phone call from a rescue in Maryland that specializes in Dogs with disabilities. Joyce asked Natasha is she was anywhere close to Greenville, and Natasha indicated that she was in Canada. Joyce explained that there is a dog named Daphne who has a rear leg disability and was scheduled to be euthanized at 12pm. Natasha informed Joyce that she had just received a text from us that we would be in Greenville within the hour. Natasha called us immediately and asked if we could go to this shelter and save Daphne? We told her yes absolutely but that we couldn’t make it by noon. She said that they would call the shelter to inform them that we would be coming! We quickly dropped off our last dog Jay and headed off to the shelter arriving at 12:25 pm.

When we entered the building we were directed to the Foster window. We both had a pit in our stomachs and indicated that we were there to pick up Daphne. The Administrator said I’m so sorry, with a pause, I literally held my breath, as she informed us that Daphne had already been adopted. I exclaimed, that’s us, that’s us! She said that they would get Daphne ready to go and both Jim and myself were both so elated. I asked the Administrator if she’d like to hear a story and I told her the series of events that had occurred to bring us here for Daphne, her reply was Devine Intervention! While we both wholeheartedly agreed we also felt that Kirsty had a heavenly hand in what had just occurred.

The door opened and out came Daphne, she was walking just fine, but so frightened. Jim and I took her outside and we sat down with her trying to calm her. So after showing her love, she calmed somewhat and we loaded her into a crate for our trip back to the shelter. When we arrived back and took her out of the crate she was a totally different dog, tail wagging, happy, and giving out kisses! We are all certain that Daphne knew that we saved her life today. So Daphne will rest at our shelter and Thursday she will be transported by Natasha to her foster home in Maryland. She will be treated for her disability and will end up in a furever home soon. We were all so blessed to be a part of saving this precious girl today.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but for Daphne, her world certainly was changed today forever.

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A Celebration of Life - Kirsty Waller

A Celebration of Life - Kirsty Waller
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Shelter dogs' reactions to being adopted

Does Adoption Really Make a Difference?

This young man in the video proves how much adopting dog's from the shelter makes a difference. Consider making a difference.
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Help Wanted! Start right away!

VRHS is looking for a few good – and strong – animal lovers to help Kennel and Vet Clinic Staff continue to provide care to our shelter pets.

There’s plenty of cleaning, feeding, walking and socializing activities to be done. We are looking for team members who can work full or part-time; work and play well with others; and are not afraid to jump in and help wherever the need pops up!

Apply online HERE

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For more information, call 828-837-2304

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Microchip Your Pet Today!

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You and your pet belong together!

When did you last update your pet’s microchip registration?

It is crucial that you update your contact information when you move or get a new phone number. A microchip can help find your lost pet only when this information is accurate.

After you adopt a new pet from the VRHS, please register your dog (or cat if chipped) immediately by calling Smart Tag at 1-866-603-6863 or go online at

If you don’t know the name of your pet’s microchip company, the microchip number can be input intothe microchip registry lookup at the AAHA’s Universal Website: The name, phone number and website of your pet’s microchip company will be provided, along with the last time the microchip was updated. Alternatively, your local veterinarian and the VRHS can scan your pet for the microchip number.

Any found pet without a tag can be scanned for a microchip. All local veterinarians and the Valley River Humane Society will scan a found pet to help locate its owner. Please help VRHS keep you and your pet together!

Did you know 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime? We’re partnering with Petco Love Lost to help pets reunite with their families. Petco Love Lost is a free, easy-to-use national resource, using patented pet facial recognition technology to make it easier than ever to find possible matches for lost and found pets. Join us, let’s unite to reunite at


We are thrilled to partner with Petco Love Lost, a central searchable resource helping lost pets reunite with their families. 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime and almost 10 million pets go missing every year, but, together, we can change the outlook for lost pets.

Petco Love Lost is a free, easy-to-use national resource, using patented pet facial recognition technology to make it easier than ever to find possible matches from community members and shelters like the Valley River Humane Society.

Help lost pets reunite with their families at

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In our community, hundreds of animals each year are abandoned, mistreated, or left to fend for themselves. The VRHS offers several different memberships. The fees are used to help keep the doors to our shelter open. Support for our organization comes mostly from private donations from people like you. Your membership fees will help a great deal!

Consider becoming a member…Your gift can provide neglected and abused animals with shelter, food, medical care, kindness, and a chance to find a forever home!


Heidi's Fund

A generous Murphy family comes to the rescue after seeing the edititoral in the August 18, 2021 Cherokee Scout regarding the Valley River Humane Society. The needs at the shelter are great so this family started " Heidi's Fund" for VRHS at United Community Bank in Murphy. Their deposit was for $1000! Their hope is to see this account grow to help the shelter. They are asking local families to donate $10 or more to help the animals at the shelter. Please visit United Community and make your deposit out to VRHS for Heidi's Fund.
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