Reasons for the collapse of Iceland

Reason 1. Cooling Climate

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Reason 2. Flooding

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Reason 3. Volcanoes

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Thesis Statement

The collapse of Iceland was caused mainly by the cooling climate, but two other factors that lead to the collapse and were also results of the cooling climate were flooding and volcanic eruptions.

Background Paragraph

The Vikings where the first peoples' to explore the North Atlantic which is when they found Iceland in 870 A.D. The collapse of Iceland was due to the cooling climate of the country it was part of the little Ice age. The cooling climate froze crops and destroyed them so they could not produce food. It also killed animals that were used for food and that caused a lack of food. The volcanic eruptions and flooding were both results of the cooling climate in Iceland. The eruptions killed people and animals and destroyed the environment and villages nearby. The flooding also caused environmental destruction and it killed people, destroyed crops and farms, and destroyed villages. Ultimately the collapse of the Vikings in Iceland was due to the Little Ice Age which caused more problems for them.