The Demon in the Teahouse


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About The Authors

The Demon in the Teahouse has won one award, which is the Sequoya Children's Book Award. It was also nominated for the West Virginia Children's Book Award. The authors of the book, Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, have been cited for excellence by the Library of Congress, the International Reading Association, and many more.

"Follow the path...but I wish to see the path more clearly" (39).

This was said by Judge Ooka. When he said this he meant that you need to stay focused, but find out as much information as possible before moving on.

Main Conflict

Someone is murdering Geisha's and setting fires in Edo and Yoshiwara. Some people believe that a demon is the cause for these things. Seikei's mission is to find out who is doing the killings and setting the fires. He captures the demon and Judge Ooka kills it. Later, he becomes a samurai.

Book Review

The Demon in the Teahouse is a very exciting book and it keeps you wondering what will happen next. The diction that is used is also very descriptive. If you like mystery books, then you should read this book because it is full of mystery and plot twists.