Identity Theft

How safe is your identity?

Bye-Bye Identity:

In the past, if people wanted to steal from you they would sneak into your house when you weren't home and they would steal your T.V, jewelry, money, electronics, ect. but now a days it's different. In today's world these robbers will steal something even more important. They will steal your identity and that could lead to you being neck high in debt and your name will be ruined forever.

Identity Thieves:

Thieves in today's world have changed over time. They used to only steal things that you could replace ,but now some of the thieves out there decide to steal your identity instead. Your personal identity such as your social security can not be replaced. If it is replaced you usually owe tons of money and it's usually too late to fix it.

When do they attack?

Most people that want to steal your identity steal it while you are at a young age and they'll use you identity like your social security and they will ruin everything for you. And the worst part is that most people that have had their identity taken don't notice until they are older and want to purchase a new house, car or anything like that and by that time it is too late.

How do they get your identity?

Thieves get your identity by just going into you house and stealing it, hacking your computer, and going dumpster diving.

How to keep your identity safe:

To prevent identity theft you can:

-Shred mail and documents

-Change your passwords often

-Make passwords hard to guess by putting capital letters,numbers and random things in your password.

-Don't lose your social security card

-Check your accounts and social security every so often to see if anyone has messed with it.