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You brakes should be serviced

It is important to keep an eye and ear out for any signs that you Semi-metallic Brake Pad should be serviced, and furthermore, which specific components will need work.

Some cars have a warning light that will come on when any metal to metal contact is made between the brake pads and rotors. If this is the case you need immediate service and run the risk of damaging the rotor.

Be aware of any of the following symptoms:

The result is powerful, fade-free braking performance, even in extreme conditions.

Designed for flawless performance on all street bikes NOT factory-equipped with sintered metal pads.

High Friction (HF) compound provides the ultimate in stopping power no matter what the conditions.

High pitch noise coming from wheels.

A squeaking or grinding sound.

SBS feature asbestos-free brakes using patented Unified Composite Technology (UCT).

UCT technology completely blends all brake pad materials into a balanced, unified pad.

This balance ensures no hot spots, glazing, premature fading or excessive rotor wear.

Streeet Ceramic pads can replace sintered pads; however StreetExcel sintered Brake Pad China are recommended for those applications.