Kindergarten Kreations




In writing and reading we have been discussing the elements of stories; characters, setting, problem and solution. We have begun retelling our stories using these elements. Last week we read several versions of The Little Red Hen and practiced our retelling skills through a little play.

Our Little Red Hen Performers

Compare and Contrast

We compared and contrasted two versions of the The Little Red Hen. Comparing and contrasting is a higher order thinking skill. Our little readers did a great job. This is an easy skill you can work on at home or in the car. Simply, ask your little one what is the same or different about two objects, or two ideas.
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Word Sorts

Continue to work on the word sorts that I send home in the OWL packet. We are moving quickly into sorting written words and not just pictures! This will really help develop your child's word concept, phonics, and reading skills.


Building the Writer

We will continue with Narrative writing until the end of this quarter. Our little writers are really growing! I'm very impressed with their stories and their writing skills of sounding out words and writing the sounds they hear.

At home, you can have your little one tell you a story and practice writing it. Writing goes hand-in-hand with reading.

If I Lived in a Snow Globe

Last week in writing, we read The Snow Globe Family, and brainstormed ideas of, "If I lived in a snow globe, what would I do." See the cute stories and snow globes below.
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Math Projects

The Tangram projects were awesome. We got to practice our speaking and listening skills by presenting our projects. One of the Common Core Math Standards is to create other objects from shapes. This project really focused on that standard as well as writing. Thank you for working with your child at home.

2D Shapes

We have been working on our 2D shapes and comparing and contrasting their attributes. We will explore 3D shapes later in the year.


We have also been counting by 10's and working with manipulatives to determine 1 less, 1 more, 10 less and 10 more.
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Classroom Party

We will be celebrating the Holidays this Friday. If you would like to help, please let me know and I can send your name off to our room parents. A.M. party is from 10:00-11:00 and P.M. party is from 2:00-2:50.