Meadow Creek Monday Message

January 11, 2016

Meadow Creek’s mission is to promote learning by challenging all to reach their potential

in a safe, nurturing environment by communicating, collaborating and congratulating!


Congratulations to Cristina Roberts, who is our Meadow Creek Teacher of the Year for 2016! She will do an excellent job of representing us as the District looks for the District Teacher of the Year!

Friday, January 15

This Friday is a noon dismissal day. We will have an alternate PEFA and lunch schedule. We will have a MC PD session in the afternoon but we will start off with our APEX Fun Run Team Huddle that starts at 1:15. Please be sure everyone is back from lunch to be a part of our Team Huddle!

It is a jeans and Meadow Creek shirt day as well!

Chapter 1: Setting High Academic Expectations

Technique 5: Without Apology

Sometimes the way we talk about expectations inadvertently lowers them. If we are not on guard, we can unwittingly apologize for teaching worthy content and even for the students themselves. You won't do this when you use Without Apology.

There is no such thing as boring content. In the hands of a great teacher, they can take materials that students need to know to be exciting, interesting and inspiring. Don't sabotage your teaching with....

* Assuming something will be boring: Saying something like " Guys, I know this is kind of dull. Let's just get through it." Our job is to find a way what we teach engaging. Don't set it up for self-fulfilling prophecy.

* Making it "accessible: Making material accessible is acceptable but be careful not to dilute the content or standards. Here are some alternatives to apology...

"The material is great because it is really challenging." "A lot of people are afraid of this, so after you have learned it, you will know more than most adults."

From: Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov

District PD Day on Monday, January 18

Be sure you have registered for your sessions ( AM and PM) on Eduphoria before the end of the week! Check to be sure that you know the location of both of your sessions before you head out on Monday!

APEX Fun Run

We will kick off the APEX Fun Run with the students on Tuesday, January 19 at 1:45 with a Pep Rally in the gym. Please encourage your students to wear orange and blue for the Pep Rally. We will have a jeans day and our APEX fun run shirts to wear at the Pep Rally.

Upcoming Faculty Meetings

Please be sure you have the dates on your calendar!

January 14 - Chapter 4 Champions. Please read chapter 4 before our meeting this week!

January 21 - Patricia Demaree Part 1 on NCI strategies

January 28 - Goal Team Meetings

February 4 - Patricia Demaree Part 2 on NCI Strategies

February 11 - Goal Team Reports and Chapter 5 Champions

February 18 - Testing Security Training

February 25 - Chapter 6 Champions

March 3 - Chapter 7 Champions

Transfer Window

The transfer window is now open for students wishing to attend a different HEB than their home school. The window is also now open to apply for our Spanish Immersion program that begins in first grade.

HEB employees who live outside the district and have their children attending an HEB school, must make contact with Liz Richard at 2032 during the transfer window to keep their children in HEB. Out of district employees must do this annually. The window for transfers is Janauray 4 through February 29.

PTA and the Meadow Creek Yearbook needs pictures!

If you have pictures form events or form things you have done in your classroom this year, PTA would love to use them in the yearbook. Please email any picture's you would like to share to

PTA will be asking you to look at the proof pages for your classroom in the next week or so. Please be sure to match pictures with names, correct spelling and to add anyone new to your class. Thank you for your help!


Grades are due this Friday morning by 9:00 AM. Report cards will go home on Friday, January 22.

Please be at your door at 7:45 to greet your students. It is important that you are in your classroom at the start of each day.

Be sure you are traveling with your students in the hallways at all times. Your presence alone will reinforce the CHAMPS behavior that we expect of all students.

January Birthdays

January 4 - Helene Ray

January 10 - Trisha Handy and Bill Willis

January 14 - Juan Lopez

January 25 - Sabrina Dunstan and Dotty Garrett

January 27 - Val Hannasch

Janaury 29 - Tiffany MacQuilkan

Professional Development

January 11

2nd grade Math

3rd grade ELA

5th grade Science

January 12

1st grade Math

4th grade ELA

3rd grade Science

6th grade Math

January 13

6th grade Social Studies

K Math

5th grade ELA

4th Science

Be sure you are registered for the January 18 District PD sessions!

Important Dates

January 12 - CBAs for grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

January 13 - IBI presentation to 6th grade at 1:30

January 14 - Faculty Meeting - Chapter 4 Champions

January 15 - grades due for the third six weeks, Jean's Day - Meadow Creek shirt day!

January 15 - Noon dismissal, 1:15 Staff Team Huddle for Apex Fun Run

January 15 - MP PD

January 18 - District PD Day - Casual professional dress

January 19 - Apex Fun Run Pep Rally, in the gym at 1:45 PM (Change in time)

January 20 - Math CBA for grades 3, 4 and 6

January 28 - APEX Fun Run - Schedule to be sent out

January 28 - Goal Team meetings

January 29 - Picture Day - Class and Individual pictures

February 3 - Dolphin Choir dress rehearsal

February 4 - Dolphin Choir dress rehearsal and parent performance at 6:30 PM

February 9 - 1st grade Valentine Day show for parents at 6:30 PM

February 11 - Faculty Meeting

February 10 - CiCi's Spirit Night

February 12 - Valentine's Day Class Parties at 2:00