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Ms. Prestjohn's Newletter: Wk of 9/28/15


This week, students will fine tune their understandings as we work toward showing mastery on our upcoming test (Friday).

Grades are in Skyward and any assignment not passing can be corrected for a grade up to a 70. Please ask your student to come in for tutoring during regular tutoring times or during my extended tutoring times on Monday or Tuesday (see below). Once I feel confident that they understand the skill, I will gladly change their grade to a 70.

Thank you so much for all you are doing at home to support your student with the planner! I can tell many students are being successful in their core classes because of your consistent checking of their planner and related assignments. Way to go, Awesome Parents!

Table Conversations Starters:

As we work toward the test scheduled for this Friday, our words for the unit are not only important, but by now, should be very familiar. They are: rational numbers, integers, natural (or counting) numbers, opposites, absolute value, comparing and ordering rational numbers.

My challenge to you this week is to find random numbers anywhere in your daily life with your student, and ask them to tell you if the number is a natural (or counting) number, whole number, integer, or a rational number. Below is a picture of the Venn Diagram to help you to know the answer. The picture shows how the categories are "nested" within each other to show the relationships. Feel free to email me or call me if you would like a quick clarification of your understanding of the categories. You know, it is really true that if you don't intentionally use the information, you can lose the information! Very human!

Mark Your Calendar:

All week - School Wide Fundraiser-Due October 1st

- Speech Donation Drive begins 10/1

- Band Fundraiser (Practice-a-thon) begins 10/2

Regular tutoring hours: Mornings (8:15a-8:35a)/Afternoons (4:00p-4:15p), except

Wednesdays (my duty day)

Extended tutoring sessions: Monday and Tuesday from 4p-5p.

9/28/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)/LISD Parent Math Night @ LHS-Harmon Campus (6p)

9/29/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)

9/30/15 -

10/1/15 - LISD Parent Math Night @ Camey Elementary in The Colony (6p)

10/2/15 - Unit 1 Test

Lesson Plans: Week of 9/28/15 - 10/02/15