Shark Finning

By Devon Graham 1/11/15 Dig lit Pd. 1

What's shark finning?

Shark finning is the cruel act of cutting off a sharks fins and leaving it in the water to drown and die. Why do they do this? Only for soup, over 73,000,000 sharks are killed each year just for the fins. 98% of the shark is wasted. What is even more cruel and emotional is that they even cut off the babies fins that are still in their mom's stomach.

Ecological Problems Resulting from Shark Finning

As a result of shark finning, two shark species are extinct. This has caused great problems to our ecosystem. Many sharks eat fish. After the two shark species have gone extinct, the fish population that all of the sharks ate increased drastically. Likewise, the plants and small fish that the big fish ate decreased and maybe even lead to extinction. Many plants in the ocean filter the water. With all of the small fish and plants gone, the water will get polluted because there are no plants to filter the water.

A Quote From Shark Survivor

I'm not a vegetarian by any means; I eat fish. But the problem with shark finning is they catch the shark, cut their fins and throw them back in the ocean, and to me, that's wrong. If you're going to kill an animal, you should use the entire animal and do it humanely. I'm definitely not a big fan." - Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is right up to 98% of the shark is wasted. Just the fins are cut off and the the whole body is thrown in the water. A sharks meat can be used as food or scientific studies but shark finners only care about the fins. One shark fin can be $100. A pound would be $500 just for fins.
Shark Finning Cruelty
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