its why Jackson is a zero

by jessica spencer

why Jackson is a Zero.

why do i belive jackson is a zero? well for starters he caused the trail of tears, he enforced the closing of the national bank, and he created tarrifs without the consent of congress and forced opposing to states to pay them.

trail of tears

the trail of tears was a horrible act that Andrew Jackson enforced. the trail of tears was when Jackson relocated the native Americans off of their land into territory in Oklahoma. As they were traveling over 25% of the Native Americans died and there were 4,000 graves placed along the paths.
Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President

Random Title that I can't think of. :)

National Bank

Jackson disliked the national bank and wanted to close it down. He felt that the "common man" didn't benefit from it, therefore felt that it would damage the economy.