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Why are the territories different then states?

The six different states represent 6 British colonies that joined together to form the common wealth of Australia. Any land that is not owned by the Common wealth of Australia is called a territory. The territories can pass on laws to the government as well. They have elections just as any other state to decide their leader. As it turns out, there are 10 different territories outside the borders of Australia's states. Only 3 out of 7 territories have been granted a limited right of self government. These include the northern territory, ACT and Norfolk Island.

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What would happen if all the parties joined together to make a government?

It is nearly impossible for all 13 parties in the house of reps to all become a coalition. They will join only as many parties needed to form the government. Unless every party somehow got 11.5384615385 seats, then they would all join to become a government.

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How are laws made?

Laws are made when a state feels uncomfortable with a law that is in use now. They will send their electorate to the senate and make them pass the bill (Law before it is official) to the senate as quickly as possible.

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Who and what is the senate?

The senate (Or the upper house) is pretty much just like the house of reps (Or the lower house). They both debate about laws, money and represent the people of Australia. The only reason why the house of reps is the "main game" is because the government is formed here. A part of the constitution states that the house of reps has to have double the number of members than the senate.

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What does it mean by parties?

Well, there are 2 types of parties. There are the parties which go to the senate/house of reps and debate and there are party parties. A party is just a short way of saying a group of people.