African animals

By: Hunter Chambers

The African continent is home to a diverse group of animals. Famed for large predators, like lions and cheetahs, its savannahs are also home to a wide variety of grazing animals, as well as elephants, hippos and gorillas.


Zebras are part of the horse family (cousins of the horse). They are striped with black and white. They are generally social animals that live in herds.


A lion is related to cats. It is one of the big cats ( lion,tiger, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, and cougar).


A elephant is a heavy plant-eating mammal with a prehensile trunk, long curved ivory tusks, and large ears, native to Africa and southern Asia. It is the largest living land animal.


A hippopotamus is a large thick-skinned semiaquatic African mammal, with massive jaws and large tusks.