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Virtual Learning- How Does it Work?

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A Note from Mrs. Berry...

We know you have many questions about what school will look like in the Fall. There are many different opinions about what should happen, and we are listening! In an effort to meet the unique needs of the different families of Miami, we have created a virtual option for students to access. We have reconfigured our school sites to accommodate our virtual learners. The staff at the newly named Rockdale Innovation Center (RIC) will consist of highly qualified educators that will oversee the online content for each student. If you choose the virtual option, you will be committing to the full-time program for at least one semester. You have the opportunity to choose the virtual option until August 14, 2020. August 14th will be the deadline for all virtual enrollments.

Please keep in mind this will be much different as compared to the fourth quarter of the 2019-2020 school year. The suddenness of the school closure offered us very little time to plan. Last Spring teachers were instructed not to introduce any new material, and grades were only given as bonus points. In order for your child to be a successful virtual student, he/she will be expected to complete the program with at least the same rigor as he/she would have experienced in the traditional setting.

While your child will be completing the actual curriculum online, please know that RIC has educators that are excited about connecting with their students in a personal way. You and your child would always be welcome at RIC, and we are committed to providing the best education possible to your child!

How Do I Know if Virtual Learning is Right for my Child?

Here are several characteristics that a virtual learner should possess:

  • Be a self-starter!
  • Stay focused and manage your time wisely!
  • Be willing to reach out to your teacher when you need extra help!
  • Communicate with your teacher and parents often about your progress!

What Will I Need to Do to Support my Child's Virtual Learning?

It truly will take a team for your child to successfully complete an online curriculum. Here are a few things you can do to support your virtual learner:

  • Develop a good schedule...and stick with it! Whether in the morning or in the evening, set aside time for your child to complete their online curriculum.
  • Stay in constant communication with your child's virtual teacher. Make sure all phone numbers and email addresses are up-to-date.
  • Encourage your child to reach out to the virtual teacher OFTEN! Keeping those communication lines open is one of the most helpful things you can do.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is a virtual option being offered to MPS students?

Feedback from our community indicates that due to personal family reasons, there are families hesitant to send their child to school within the traditional setting. While the COVID pandemic is a concern, there are also other reasons a family may choose the virtual setting.

What is the deadline for virtual enrollment?

You will need to confirm with Mrs.Berry before the end of the business day on August 14, 2020.

How often will my child need to go to RIC?

At least 1.5 hours per week, unless otherwise agreed upon by the virtual teacher/director. This time may be spent checking in with your virtual teacher and getting extra help. If your child is successfully completing all classes online, you may choose to sign your child up for enrichment opportunities that will be offered at RIC.

How will attendance be tracked for my child?

Attendance will be taken weekly. If all assignments have been completed, your child will be counted as present for the week. If a student is not active in their courses online for one week, the virtual teacher will communicate with the parent. After two weeks of inactivity, the parent and student will be required to meet with the RIC Director and the Virtual Teacher. After three weeks of inactivity, the student will be referred to Truancy Court.

Can my child attend some classes in the traditional setting and some with the virtual option?

No, if you choose the virtual setting, you are committing to it full-time for a full semester. There will be an option for students that have short-term illness/absence to go virtual and retain their spot in the traditional class. This short-term option would be facilitated by your child's regular classroom teacher. There is an exception for RIC students that participate in extracurricular activies.

Will my child be required to wear a mask at RIC?

We will abide by the board policy and wear masks when we cannot social distance.

What will my child need to participate in the virtual option?

MPS will provide a personal device for each student. All curriculum will be accessed online. You will need to have reliable internet access. If you do not, the district will assist in providing you with access. An abbreviated supply list will be provided upon enrollment.

Will the virtual option be the same as it was during the school closure this past Spring?

No, we have had more time to effectively align online instruction to the standards that traditional students will be learning. The level of rigor will be comparable to that experienced in the regular classroom. Regular classroom teachers are overseeing the content that is pushed out to virtual students. There will be periodic assessments to ensure that students are on track in their learning.

Who will monitor my child's activity on their school-issued device?

While parents are always strongly encouraged to monitor children's online activity, our IT department has access to everything a student does on a school device. If something is flagged as inappropriate, the RIC director will be notified. RIC virtual educators will also have access to view the amount of time spent on the online curriculum and the daily progress of your student.

Does my child have to use the school-issued device?

We have an iPad for every KG through 2nd grader and a Chromebook for every 3rd through 12th grader. We are encouraging every student to use the school device, as we can support them if you were to have technical difficulties. However, if you prefer to use your own device, you may do so.

Can my child enroll in the virtual option if they have an IEP?

Yes, we have a Special Education Teacher at RIC that will accommodate the specific needs of our students that require special services.

What kinds of enrichment activities will be available to RIC students?

We will have a variety of activities, which will change often. Here are some things planned so far: green room where students can create digital presentations, kitchen/science labs, library check-out, specialized reading/math groups, STEAM labs, Makerspace challenges, collaboration opportunities with other RIC students, social-emotional groups, etc. Technology will be a primary focus at RIC, and we intend to offer activities that will help students prepare for the future.

Will my child still be able to participate in competitive programs offered by the school?

Yes, as long as you can commit to your child attending school one hour per day. i.e. athletics class, elective.

Will my child be included in other extras, such as prom and other special events?

This will be dependent on the specific activity. Prom, school dances, after school clubs? Yes. However, your child would not be included in field trips that are sponsored by a site other than RIC. There may be times RIC joins with other sites, and in that case, your child would be invited to attend.

Will transportation be provided for the time my child is at Rockdale Innovation Center?

No, you would be responsible for all transportation to and from RIC, as well as to and from any extracurricular classes taken at the traditional site.

When can students work on courses?

They will have access to the online curriculum 24/7. You are encouraged to establish a consistent schedule at home.

Will there be a cost for the virtual learning option?

There will not be any additional costs for the virtual option.

Why should I choose the virtual option from MPS as opposed to other online programs?

The educators at RIC will be highly-qualified, certified staff that will be housed at RIC. Not only will you have access to these educators, but your child will also still be an MPS student and have access to all the district offers.

If I want to proceed with choosing the virtual option for my child, what is the next step?

Please call 918-542-6697, or you may email Andrea Berry at After enrollment, an RIC staff member will set up an appointment to review the virtual contract with you and your child.

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