Digital Citizenship

Garrett Orcutt


The internet is a great place to meet new people, chat online, and talk to friends. There are some other people that abuse the internet, this is called Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is where another person bullies a person over the internet. This Cyberbullying is not a good thing, it makes people hurt inside, it can cause deep deep depression for a long time to come.

Importance of Internet Safety (cyber bullying) - ITIB2083, UNITAR College Sabah

Digital Footprint

The digital footprint is the consequences of posting inappropriate stuff online. There are inappropriate pictures on Facebook, tell a teacher or parent. This stuff that people post will haunt them for the next 20+ years of there life. These can depend where you work, go to college, or anything, so watch what you post.

Digital Citizenship

Relationships and Communications

Well lets start off with meeting new people online. The pros are that they don't know any bad habits or embarrassing stuff that you did. The cons are that you don't know what embarrassing stuff they did. People are nice online, but people seem to have a totally different personality online then offline.

Attention all internet relationships!

Self Image and Identity

The media plays a huge role, in peoples life. It can bring people up and take people down. People sometimes act how they want, other than how they act in real life. In high school comments can get posted about people than make them popular, or non popular, that is the power of social medias.

Self Image and Identity