Kindergarten News

October 28 - November 1


Today we learned the letter C. We learned that it makes 2 sounds.../k/ and /s/. We are going to concentrate on the /k/ sound.

Some words that begin with "C" are: cat, cake, can, car, Cambrey, and Chloe

Mrs. Chohon introduced a number line today. We noticed it had the numbers 0-10 on it. The line also had arrows at both ends...that means it could keep going forever in both directions. We used the number to find numbers that come "before", "after", and "in between".
At Writer's Workshop, we cleaned out our personal narratives and took most of them home. Mrs. Chohon kept some in our folders so that we can go back and look at them later. Now we are beginning "teaching books".

In art, we made candy corn using torn pieces of paper. They turned out very cute and it was cool that both "candy" and "corn" begin with the letter C.


What a rainy day it is today! The playground was so wet, we have to stay inside at recess. :(

Today we practiced writing capital C. We noticed that if you close up the letter C, it can become the letter O. We also noticed that if you close up the letter C and then come straight back down, you can make a lowercase a.

Tuesday is the day we always get to watch the Sesame Street video of our letter of the week. We loved the song that Cookie Monster sings this week!

This week we are reading "Bear Snores On". It is a cute book about a hibernating bear.

In math, we used pennies to practice buying items up to ten cents. Then we brought home homework that required us to read a price tag and show how many pennies we would need to purchase that item! It was like playing grocery store! Who knew you could learn so much by playing pretend?!?!

We worked more on our "teaching books" during Writer's Workshop.

This afternoon, we all got to reach inside of a pumpkin and scoop out some of the seeds. Tomorrow we will complete a 5 senses chart about the pumpkin.


We looked in Mrs. Chohon's "C bag" and found some cool things that begin with /k/.

This morning we read "Bear Snores On" again. Today we discussed the main idea - or what the story is all about. We also talked about the characters in the story and the setting (where it takes place). We talked about these answers at LEAST 3 separate times during this story. Can your kindergartner tell you those things about the story?

  1. Main Idea
  2. Characters
  3. Setting

During center time, our education specialists took us to do a math assessment. It was a lot like the reading one we do for AIMSWEB, but instead of letters and sounds we had to do things with numbers and other math skills.

For math, we colored the design made with shapes that Mrs. Chohon had attached to last week's interactive newsletter. Then we did puzzles while Mrs. Chohon did some math assessments about matching a number to a set of objects.

When we were done, we got to eat a pumpkin cookie! EVERYONE loved it! Then we completed the 5 senses chart.

Peyton was the top Kindergarten seller - she is the proud owner of a pink pig, Bo (for Bo Sox). Peyton got to race Bo in the pig races this afternoon. Bo won the first heat and advanced to the finals! :) In the finals, Bo raced Marshmallow from 1st grade and Speedy from 2nd grade. To see which pig was the fastest in the on the title of "Pig Races..." above. Be prepared for 2 minutes of serious cheering!


Today is Halloween! Everyone is super-excited to go trick-or-treating tonight to get lots of candy!

In reading today, we listened for /k/ at the end of words.

In math, we used pennies to buy items form our pretend store. We practiced buying two items using all ten cents.

This afternoon we had our fall party! We had lots of fun thanks to all parents who sent supplies and came to help!


We walked outside this morning for Fit Friday! It was such a beautiful morning with a gorgeous sunrise that we walked THREE laps around the driveway!

For reading, we practice making words with the letters we've learned. We used letter magnets of those letters and found out we can make a LOT of words! You could do the same activity at home with pieces of paper as letter tiles.

During center time, we got to see the Middle School Honor Choir boys sing some songs. They were really good! However, that meant we did not have guided reading groups. So Mrs. Chohon is sending home the decodable reader for you to read.

In math, we learned about a new pattern. It goes ABB. That means there is one of one color and two of the second color.

In Writer's Workshop, we got writing partners to help make the writing process easier. Already today, we found out how helpful these partners are for us.

Set Your Clocks Back!

Looking Forward to Next Week!

SEAN brings snack.

Book orders due Nov. 4


  • Letter Ii
  • Short /i/ sound
  • Sequencing a story
  • New high frequency words: he & for


  • Solving a problem by acting it out
  • Comparing Objects by Weight
  • Naming a shape using 3 attributes
  • Copying Patterns


Five Senses - see, hear, smell, taste, touch

MUSIC - Monday & Wednesday

PE - Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday