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Feb. 2016

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It was a calm day in Claimsville, each Avenger was carefully watching the skies in the Northwest. It seemed like there was a haze from a far appeared something was certainly brewing from the looks of things. As the morning progressed each member of Team Marvel was busy carrying out their daily assignments. All team members at Claimsville were pleased that a disaster had not arisen to cancel an overdue Team Marvel Huddle. To the outside world these meetings would seem trifle, but to The Team they are very vital. Little did they know how vital this meeting would be…

As they all took their seats around the Golden Meeting Table, Captain America began by congratulating various team members for their recent outstanding performances. WOW… anyone listening would think this team was #1 in the local area. Not this team! They all knew they were #1 in the Universe. After a couple of moments of Congratulations an eerie silence fell over the team. Hulk started popping his knuckles, Wolverine reached down to tie his shoe and Beast looked toward the Northwest for a second time…something seemed amidst.

Captain America cleared his throat and spoke in a solemn voice. “I have an announcement to make. I have been advised by secret intelligence that A Great Violence has taken over the Northwest Region along the Rocky Mountains. I have been informed that an unknown source called “BI” has invaded the entire region causing an influx in Injuries, PIP Claims and Fatalities. To make matters worse, the only way to destroy this enemy is to crack certain Medical Codes.” Each member of Team Marvel listened intently letting the words they just heard sink in. Captain America spoke again, “We need someone from Team Marvel to travel to The Rocky Mountains and lead a small group of Allies to victory against this…..BI.” Minds began to work trying to devise some kind of solution. Scarlet Witch and Black Widow looked at each other… neither had previous experience with Medical Codes. This would probably have to be passed on to someone else. Plus, they both were in an ‘all out battle’ with Conformance and could not leave. A sigh came from the other side of table. All eyes turned to Mystique as she spoke in a soft tone. “Although I would love the opportunity to travel, I will have to pass on this Assignment as well. My obligation is with my own Baby Marvel”. We all agreed. And besides, Mystique had just landed a huge blow to the evil forces which were trying to hold Q-Pass captive. We needed her here, just in case the others needed cover.

Each member of Team Marvel was racking their brains trying to come up with who should be sent. There were members not present and even their images were coming to Team Marvel’s mind. Storm? Probably not, she was undertaking special training on how to handle bands of villains in the courtroom. This was a project that was long needed in this area. Invisible Girl? No, she had 2 young Marvels herself and was holding pressure (with others) on local villains trying to take Q-Pass captive again. Spiderman certainly would be qualified. He did have the strength for this assignment considering that he was part of the team that had just won a battle against those that had held CSR2 as hostage. He had also just helped bring down the powers that threatened to stamp out Overtime. But to lose him now for awhile…well everyone in this area who was seeking Overtime would suffer greatly. No, it had to be someone sitting at this table.

All eyes looked at the remaining crew. Kitty Pryde known to her enemies as Shadowcat, was looking out through the glass window. She had been watching the haze build in the Northwest Region throughout the meeting. She would love this adventure, but the timing was wrong for her. “Pesky Little Medical Codes”, she said under her breath. She had been challenged with a previous assignment concerning Medical Codes a couple of years ago. This was not something to look forward to again. Besides, she was on the team to keep those villains from captivating Q-Pass again. Then Beast started to speak. All present could tell he was concerned about Team Marvel not having his Beastly Support. He had provided Team Marvel with great updates on various actions within this past year. To leave now…well he could not do that. Not quite yet. Besides he was trying to keep the team engaged. That was a job within itself, especially in the last few weeks. It seemed like all kinds of terror was on the loose lately. Team Marvel had barely had time to catch their breath. All eyes focused on The Hulk. Now there was a possibility. With all of the strength that he had been providing Team Marvel, he could certainly handle this. As The Hulk rubbed his hands together slowly, Team Marvel could tell something was holding him back. He began by saying, “This is an awesome opportunity but, I can not leave the “New Hires”. I must stay to help develop those coming on board to Team Marvel.” Exactly! Team Marvel was not getting any younger!

All eyes were directed to CP30. He was actually the only Star Wars Character allowed to attend these types of meetings. He had not said a word during this whole conversation. He sat looking directly at Captain America. “I realize that this task is great and anyone of the members on Team Marvel could go and bring justice back to the Rocky Mountain Region. I will have to decline as well. As you all know I have fought hard to bring justice and have established the Pride ARG to this area. To leave now would be very difficult. We could possibly loose all the ground that has been so hard to gain.” Again, the timing was becoming the key issue here.

Only 3 members left. Phoenix cleared her throat and began by saying, “Well guys, you all know my schedule. I am engaged and I am planning the Wedding Event of the Year. I am also in the process of bringing recruitment to this team. Without a doubt I will have to stay here this time. What about you, Blade?” We all knew that this certainly was another possibility. Blade had recently been nominated by Captain America as CSR 9000. He began shaking his head, “I just don’t feel comfortable being stuck behind a desk trying to crack codes. My specialty is in this area…bringing justice to those who stir up trouble and those who attack our local center. I will have to decline also.” As all eyes turned to Wolverine, his eyes lit up and looked toward the Northwest Region. He began by saying, “This is an incredible opportunity! I have visited this region many times and my heart definitely belongs there.” Team Marvel could feel that this was something he had a passion for. As

he shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind, he was reminding Team Marvel as well as himself, he had taken on obligations here. He had been assigned as Saturday PM Watchtower Support for Captain America. Losing him could cause chaos. Saturdays were known to be a day when all Hellish activity turned loose. All agreed, Wolverine leaving now…could bring on serious problems.

As the team looked at each other, their eyes drifted back to Captain America. He had remained calm and collected during the majority of this conversation. Rising up from his seat, he looked each member in the eye. “I have heard all of you and I will say that I am very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. This proves to me that each of you are a part of Team Marvel for various reasons. I have watched you ‘climb to success’” he was saying. “Unfortunately one of us will have to go. We are Team Marvel and we can not leave Regions in distress without providing assistance. After listening to all, I have decided to go and provide my assistance.”

Gasps could be heard from the table. Eyes were wide. Phoenix looked on with disbelief. This just did not seem right, how could Captain America leave? As their heads were spinning, Captain America began to speak again. “I have mentored you and have equipped you with tools to Overpower The AHT Force, Villains of Conformance, ACW Wickedness and The Demons of Quality…oops (I didn’t just say that, did I?). You must carry on here…. YOU are what has made Team Marvel GREAT. You have proved time and time again to be the measurement of success. You Are Team Marvel.” He cleared his throat again (for the 5th time) and started again, “You all have my secret number on each of your communication devices, as well as my address for our One Eye Wizard. I will only be a short distance away. I certainly will be back from time to time to this area to ’Check up on the progress of our ongoing operations’. You have my heart and promise. If this project becomes more than the existing team in the Northwest Region can handle or if the allies in the region are hurled into outer darkest…I will certainly be calling on TEAM MARVEL. Until then “STAY CALM AND CARRY ON…TEAM MARVEL”.

There was no need to protest. Captain America had made a decision and this was something that certainly had to be accomplished. He had been right. Team Marvel had it within themselves to stay engaged, continue to provide protection to Claimsville and keep the evil forces that larked in the darkness at bay. He had led them to Greatness but they were the ones that had continued to use the tools he had provided them with. This was just one more challenge to prove how great Team Marvel truly was. In one swift motion all arose from their seats and extended their arms toward the center of the Golden Meeting Table. As they shouted with a loud voice “TEAM MARVEL”, they raised their arms high…signifying unity.

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John Gardner

John is new to NW. Before joining us John worked for Calling Solutions in workforce management. He enjoys spending time with family and two dogs. John is into gaming and collect Transformers.

Christian Pinales

Christian comes to Team Marvel from Team NYX . He has been with Nationwide since last March. He comes to Nationwide from Capital One. When he is not saving the world here in Claimsville he like to go to the gym, play his guitar, read and travel.

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