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Smoking Hot in a Bikini!

Do you like to have a lot of attention where ever you go? Do you think your body is fine and must been seen by others? Then you will love the monokini swimsuit, this one piece suit is ideal for women who love to show their figure. Wearing a monokini will accentuate your shapes and curves. The monokini looks like a bathing suit but its roots lies with the bikini.

The bikini is very popular because of its sexy cut outs. Often these cut outs are on the side and in the middle showing the belly button. There are a lot of designs on the market, one sexier than the other. If you are a little bit conservative about showing skin there are some designs that show little skin and give you a secure and comfortable feeling. One downside for the active women out there, this swim suit is not really designed for an active day on the beach.