Erick's Bucket List

What i want to do ! #YOLO

#1 - Surfing

I want to go surfing Hawaii , U.S. Physical weathering happens here because the water breaks down the rocks making sand. Running water is the main erosion agent. I would go with Hayden and Braden because they're a hoot.
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#2 - White Water Rafting

I would go to Magpie river in Canada. Physical weathering happens here as the water breaks down rocks on it's way to the mouth. Running water is the main erosion agent also. I would go with Brandon because he is a hoot and I would totesmcgoats like to see him cry. LOL
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#3 - Cliff Jumping

I would like to go cliff jumping in the Ord river which is in West Australia , Australia.Physical weathering occurs here as wind and water pound on the rocks. The main erosion agents are running water and wind.I would go with Noah because we have an inside joke about this place and because he is a hoot.
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#4 - Skydiving

I would like to go sky diving in New Zealand because it is the capital of the skydiving world.I assume physical weathering happens on the ground. Water and wind would be the main erosion agents.I would honestly go with no one because I don't want anyone to see me pee my pants. P.S I'm a hoot!
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#5 - Scuba Diving

I would like to go scuba diving in great reef barrier in the Asia-Pacific ocean.I'm pretty sure physical weathering happened here because of all the running water. I'm also pretty sure water is the erosion agent here. I would go with Finner because he is one of my best friends and he's a hoot.
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