Holmquist Elementary

March 28th - April 1st

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 30. This was such a short week and we had a lot of things going on this week. I appreciate and value each of you and what you contribute to Holmquist Elementary and our students. We are changing lives, sometimes we don't see an immediate change or impact we make in the lives of our students and families. Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Cheng's nomination was accepted to be on EIC for 16-17 school year and she submitted a mini-grant
  • I just wanted to inform you that Ms.Youssef was the only teacher/Team Leader to turn a SAC packet for students that went to SAC. She even included lesson plans for multiple subjects and copies of worksheets to cover students that might be assigned to SAC for the entire Kindergarten team. She definitely deserves a “SHOUT OUT”. Have a good day, and thank you for all that you do for this school.

  • 3rd Grade team and ILT for coming up with STAAR plans to ensure student success

  • Ms. Moran for calling up fathers to set up our first meeting on Monday. More details will follow.

  • Ms. Solis for helping out with absences, coverage and doing daily staff attendance.

  • Kelli and Belinda for hiding eggs for Hunt

  • Kelli, Belinda and Melanie for stuffing eggs

  • Ms. Sandoval for always recognizing students with good behavior in classrooms

  • Coach Sallee for sorting t-shirts for Field Day; Ms. Jones and Ms. Sandoval for helping sorting t-shirts

  • Paraprofessionals for covering walls

  • Ms. Nyan, Ms. Amador, Ms. Purdy, Ms. Watts, and Ms. Guerra for making sure accommodations were accurate and preparing STAAR materials.

  • Ms. Vallarta, Ms. McKenzie and Ms. McElyea for planning a great STEAM night along with everyone else that helped.

  • Teachers for planning great activities for our students. Parents were really excited and happy with the event. We also received a lot of compliments

Thank you to the following Staff members that volunteered to be Mentors. It will make a difference!

Mentoring List will go out next week and we need more volunteers. All I'm asking for is 5 minutes of your day to check-in with students and show them that someone cares for them. It's easy and it will help our kids. Sign-up sheet is on my door.

  • Ms. Wells
  • Coach Sallee
  • Mr. Gonzalez
  • Ms. Cheng
  • Ms. Chowdhurry
  • Ms. Hackett
  • Ms. Costello9
  • Ms. Woolridge
  • Ms. Toney
  • Ms. Upshaw
  • Ms. DeSauto
  • Ms. Williams
  • Mr. Endsley

Weekly Calendar

Monday, March 28th

EDC 130

SDC - 3:40 p.m.

Pep Rally 4th Grade - 1:40 p.m.

Turn in staffing sheets to Amy

Tuesday, March 29th

EDC 131

STAAR Writing - No Visitiors

Happy Birthday Ms. Hackett

Wednesday, March 30th

EDC 132

STAAR Writing Make-Up DAy

AP Meeting

Thursday, March 31st

EDC 133

Tentative Field Day - Schedule will be sent Monday

Kinder Round-Up 6p.m.

4th Grade Movie Night - 4 p.m.

Friday, April 1st

EDC 134

Tentative Field Day - Schedule will be sent out

KImberly at Reep


Monday - 1st Grade

Wednesday - 2nd Grade