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Electronic Cigarette Flavors define Personality! Check Yours!

It is true that flavors define personality. Every electronic cigarette user has a favorite flavor which they order frequently. The same was case with me when I came to know about electronic cigarettes. White cloud electronic cigarette offers many mouthwatering flavors and it was so difficult for me to select one for the first time. Every time I placed an order, I ordered for different flavor to know the taste. Lastly, I found out chocolate as my favorite flavor.

Here is the list of flavors and the type of personality they belong to:--

Chocolate—Chocolate flavor lovers are sweet people. They are more likely to be agreeable, have a soft heart and rarely insult people. Sweet applies both to taste and disposition. People with a sweet tooth are likely to have sweet disposition. People having chocolate flavor lovers are considered as lively, creative, dramatic, charming, and enthusiastic and life of the party.

Strawberry—The strawberry flavor lovers are considered as shy but emotionally robust, skeptical, detail oriented. You can be shy at times but have no problem in making your opinion known.

Minty Flavors—Those who love minty flavors have cool personality. They just become the center of attraction wherever they go. Similar to flavor, which helps in refreshing the mind and mood, the minty lovers also helps their surrounding in refreshing their mind and mood.

White Cloud electronic cigarette offers many flavors such as regular, menthol, vanilla, espresso, strawberry, snap flavor, Moscow mule, lime and coconut, peach, chocolate, clove and such others. This is the best electronic cigarette brand for me.