Charlie Gordon

Kaitlyn Longacre- 8


Direct characterization: Charlie wrote on progress report 1 on match 5, 1965 which is on page 347 and in sentence seven "I am 37 years old and 2 weeks ago was my birthday" obviously telling the reader directly about his specific age instead of being vague about the subject.

Indirect characterization: On page 351 and on the left side, there is a very visible picture of Charlie Gordon bending over and looking at Algernon. Even though the picture is in black and white, you can tell his hair is brown and even as well noticed multiple other different physical traits throughout his stature.


Direct Characterization: Charlie stated on page 348, paragraph 2, and in the beginning statement, "I told him I saw a inkblot." He was indeed completely direct with this statement as he wrote it in the progress report and as he told the young man who showed him the ink blots in the first place.

Indirect Characterization: Charlie stated on page 368, in paragraph 3, and placed as the last sentence in the paragraph "I must be careful to speak and write clearly and simply so that people won't laugh." The meaning of Charlie's words in this statement are mainly directed toward things like he is embarrassed about his intelligence, he wants to be able to speak on others level so they wont make fun of him, or maybe he now feels that he has to dumb himself down to be able to have a casual conversation with Miss Kinnian and Dr. Strauss.


Direct Characterization: On page 352, in paragraph 2, and in the second sentence of said paragraph, Charlie describes being so excited about being chosen for the operation that he jumps up and shakes Dr. Nemur's hand for being so good to him.

Indirect Characterization: Throughout the story, Charlie shows a pattern with the way he writes in his progress reports. You notice at the beginning of the story that Charlie's spelling, punctuation, and the flow of his sentences are not the most ideal thing but later throughout the story you notice his writing gets amazingly better along with his vocabulary increasing tremendously after the operation he took place in to try and advance his intelligence. His Vocabulary and intelligence then start to slowly decrease after Algernon died making his language faulty, his punctuation returned to how it was before and unfortunately the same happened with his spelling. Proof on this is throughout pages 347 to pretty much the ending.

Thoughts and feelings

Direct Characterization: On page 354, in the first paragraph, and set as the second sentence of the paragraph, Charlie states, "I'm glad I'm going back to work because I miss my job and all my friends and all the fun we have there." Clearly stating his feelings.

Indirect Characterization: On page 350, in the third paragraph and in the first sentence, Charlie states that he feels "worser" about the mazes because it was attempted ten times but unfortunately all ten times, Algernon won. In this sentence, it shows in an indirect way to the reader that Charlie feels horrendous about not being able to beat Algernon with the mazes once in the ten times that it was attempted between the two.

Relationship with others

Direct Characterization: On page 354, in paragraph 3, and in sentences five and six, Charlie words pretty much make up the definition of "Rival" by saying these two sentences, first "I coud probly do that amazed faster than a regular mouse" and "Maybe some day Ill beat Algernon."

Indirect Characterization: On page 369 and from paragraph 3 to paragraph 7, Charlie shows an obvious dislike about the boy being messed with because of being retarded and soon stands up and blurts out his anger to those who were laughing at the boy. The fact that Charlie saw himself in the boy being messed with was shown throughout the progress report without a doubt. He couldn't help but get depressed by the fact that he laughed himself about the action of the boy seeing that he was now in the place of the people who use to laugh at him at the factory before when he was not as intelligent as he was before. In paragraph six and seven, he even describes exactly what he is feeling without really mentioning the actual feeling goin through him at the moment.

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