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THANK YOU and more

I can not express in words how touched I with the outpouring of support when I was out last week. Thank you for all of the texts, prayers, emails, cards, and flowers. Knowing that folks were thinking of me warmed my heart during the challenge. I feel so blessed to work with such an amazing group of folks. Thank you.

Next week, I will work on a few things that I am so far behind on. The reason I share this is so if you are one of the people impacted by stuff not getting done due to my absence: STAAR scores out to parents, three speech referrals, small groups for STAAR next week. I am sure I am missing stuff.

Thank you Debbie and Kareen for helping get GT letters and information out to parents and scanned for the district. As usual, if you have a parent inquire about their child not getting into GT, please send them my way.

So, May is always a fun time of year for so many ways. One thing I know I have not mention much in the past, is the health instruction related to the sexual responsibility lessons. Don't panic. I know there are health supplement books in the book room you can use. You can touch base with Amie about those books. For most grades, it is discussing good decision making. Fifth grade, I think this year will go a little smoother ;) Use those books for sure. So some time in May, put those lessons in your plans. Of course those will be good health grades.


May 2 STAAR training after school
May 2 2nd grade EOY reading
May 2 New Teacher meeting
May 3 ARDs
May 4 Third grade field trip 9:30
May 5 AVID certification visit
May 5 Kinder musical 7:45
May 5 Kinder musical 5pm
May 6 EOY 2nd grade math
May 6 7:15 Muffins for Moms
May 6 1st grade field trip 10:20
May 2-6 Book Fair
May 9 STAAR 3rd and 4th math, 5th retesters
May 10 STAAR 3rd and 4th, 5th retesters
May 10 NO ARDS
May 11 STAAR 5th science, make ups
May 11 Manal's birthday
May 12 NO Thinking Thursdays
May 12 PTA board
May 13 PPfT Summatives due to teachers
May 13 Kinder tours-if needed
May 16 Faculty meeting
May 17 Kirsten's birthday
May 17 SALUTE celebration for Teacher of the Year-Ginger
May 17 ARDS
May 18 5th grade technology assessments-computer lab
May 18 Girls group 3-4
May 18 DAC 4:30-6:30 for Beth Ann and Kathy
May 19 5th grade technology assessments-computer lab
May 19 Last Thinking Thursday of the year
May 19 CAC meeting
May 20 Rondee's birthday
May 20 TGIF
May 20 Kinder tours if needed 8am
May 23 Carmen's birthday
May 23 Faculty meeting-added to calendar
May 24 ARDs
May 24 4th grade field trip 9:00
May 24 Ginger's birthday
May 25 Cheryl and Martha's birthdays
May 25 Boone's Got Talent 1pm
May 26 Boone's Got Talent 1pm
May 26 Office Cook Out
May 27 Staff Development
May 27 PPfT must be signed in all sections by teachers
May 31 No ARDs
June 1 5th grade Celebration
June 1 Gayle's birthday
June 2 7:45 am Perfect Attendance assembly
June 3 Teacher's last day
June 3 Crockett Graduation 1:00, Kathy MUST attend
June 7 Amie's last day
June 8 Principal meeting at Delcom
June 9 Marisa's birthday
June 15 Cheryl's last day
June 15 Principal's last meeting