Aayush daily reflection

January 12 2016

today in Texas history.we learned that Santa Ana was trying to take over our almo.

He had the almo but the texans were fighting back.

They won.the Mexican gave them a tank.santa Ana wanted the cannon bulk

.that what come and take it means.

Today I learned about history. We learned that when Mexicans celebrate they

Would take a nap and while they were taking

A nap the Texan came and shot them.


Today I had a cool sub .

We had to do a writing. I was writing about were I want to go. I wrote about

Austin so i could se a museum.

I learned a new fact 12x12 144.

January 15 2016

This day I was finishing up my work.

I was finishing my work for writing I wrote about Austin.

Then I came back and finished my test. got a good score 7/10.then finished all my other work

Today Iwas doing a math test.

I also have done reflex math.we had a new enrichment teather.

Her name is Mrs. Lucas.

January 20 2015

Today I was doing a sinence ex .we were trying to light a light bulb with

just a wire and battery.

January 21

Today I did writing test . I feel like I did good

it was one of my best writing I did pretty good I wrote about what

Is your favorite celebrations that is meangfull to me.we had to do an expository.

Today I was reading a book called the number of stars.then we went to music .

January 26

Today I was just doing this paper work stuff.we were ding sinence we were learning about circuit.we watched a brain pop video we were supposed to be doing it on gizmos.we also did reading writing workshop. I was reading the book the red piaramed.we also did reflex math.

January 27

Today I was just doing a circuit building.we got wires and did make a piano noise with a wires.We also did mind mission.mind missions is we're we do social studies with fun.Today I was making a flag and a hand shake for our group.we also did th wall sit. I was so close to winning. I was doing long division in math zones/whole group

February 1 2016

Today I was just doing input output tables.input out put tables are you contorting tables.we also did are I station test.we also looked at to some trailers for the book fair.

February 3

Today I was doing the geo bee.I got 4 points which is good.I also did math zone.

February,8 2016

Today we had a magic show. It was on stopping buling. We were also doing a candy thing

February 11

Today I was doing kahn academy. I scored a 754 points on hard division.

I also went to pe.We also did a yummey math questions.It was on division.

I also did math zone.we also did social studies. We learned about Sam Houston.

Sam Houston was presented for to years.

feb 16

Today i was working on a fraer model for elctorns.

FEB 17

Today i was learning about measurement.Measerment is with inches and ceanemeters

we also did star material.

FEB 18

today we had a sub.We also did reading writing workshop.In math i got 10,000 energy points.we got to make this this video on telagomi .


today i was doing flex time.We also did this challenge in the morning in origami.WE

also did this writing thing on have did good,I was the writer.

mon feb 22

today i was ding a sinence ex.we were used gallons qourts pints cups and fluid oz

MARCH 4 2016

My favorite word for this week is word making beacouse we were reading

Alot of Dr.Suess.The book had words that aren't words.

We read the lorax.

APRIL 15 2016

Today we did a test.we also did math zones.