The Roanoke Colony

By:Landon Harmon

Colonists in Roanoke

Roanoke island's history is very famous,long before Jamestown and Plymouth were explored,the island were greeted by the colonists to the first English speaking colonists in America.

The First Colony

In one of the worlds most interesting mystery's a group of around 150 colonists from Plymouth, England, they landed on Roanoke Island in the coast of North Carolina in July of 1587 disappeared without a trace. Except for the word "Croatoan" marked in a post that enclosed the area. But there were several thoughts as to what happened, Historian and archeologists have been unable to find resources to help any of them.

A Mystery in Roanoke?

Before Jamestown and the Plymouth colonies,the English tried to make a colony in Roanoke .In three Years,it had vanished,leaving a mysterious clue behind.What really happened to the Roanoke settlers?But then,the colonists were killed or taken away by other Native Americans.Other thoughts were that they tried to go back to England by themselves and got lost at sea and sunk, or the spanish held them captive.Nobody knows what happened to the settlers who lived at Roanoke.

Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth l

In 1587,Raleigh tried a second voyage,again making a settlement on Roanoke Island ,this time a better group of explorers were sent,with some entire families,under the leadership of John White. After a short time in America John returned to England to take more supplies for the colony,planning to return in one year. Unfortunately for the colonists at Roanoke ,a year became three. The first delay happened when Queen Elizabeth l commanded all ships are to remain at port for later use against the Spanish army. The ships were gave permission to set sail.
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Facts about Roanoke Island and its settlers

.They discovered a skull and the word "croatoan" on a pole.

.All the colonists disappeared without a trace.

.In three years all the colonists vanished without a trace.

.Queen Elizabeth created the first delay for John White.