Bacteria In Our World

Christopher Xavier and Madison Perry

They Decompose

Every organism depends on a supply of raw materials from other organisms. If these raw materials were lost then when an organism dies,life could not continue. As bacteria decomposes material,it helps the environment with recycling. When a living thing dies the bacteria attack the tissue and breaks it down into simple materials which is released into the soil.
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Plants and animals need nitrogen bacteria from nitrogen. Bacteria in the soil can easily produce natural nitrogen. This is useful for the plants because they need nitrogen to create amino acids. Nitrogen makes up 80% of plants. Bacteria is vital for their survival.
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Human Usage

Many properties that bacteria used in regular food and beverages. There is a type of bacteria that can digest petroleum making it helpful to clean oil spills. Some bacteria remove waste products in water. There are some bacteria that are use to synthesize drugs and chemicals.Our intestines have a lot of bacteria that make vitamins that the human body can not. Every day scientists are discovering new uses of bacteria.
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