welcome to san andres

we will know what it's magnificent islands san andres

characteristics of the city

san andres island is a very beautiful city in every sense of the word , people are very helpful are always attentive tourist , hotel beautiful and is located in northeastern Colombia .

Attractions and sights of san andres

Johnny cay

is one of the most beautiful lugger having san andres there is the sea called the seven colors and is the most amazing thing I've seen, seva menhaden to an island in the middle of nowhere and wing there is this wonderful place with a unique landscape , waves that exceed one meter tall definitely one of the most important tourist resorts of this city.

Ride with stingrays and mangroves

In this walk by the sea we realized that besides being beautiful is very comical that in parts where it is assumed they have to be high depth are in which even a child could this standing in the middle of nowhere and that is where we are to see this beautiful specimen one stingray , give us the opportunity to touch is something amazing , there also is reached by a boat halfway where we got to see this mammal .

The blowhole
The blowhole is a place where all the attention is focused on a hole where it leaves a kind of rash wing air and water and people love that is fun.

the truth is a city with many attractions this diving, rumbas at night this is done in a boat across the bay of the island , where jet skis are very good for people who like a lot or just for curiosidasd do it for fun because that's good grace moment .

finally found the cave morganin nutshell we can say that is one of the wonders of this walk , the way in which it is located is magnificent cave is a wing is tetrico time but is one of the rides that you can not miss in san andres .

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