Miss Maudie a.k.a. "The Baptist"

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Miss Maudie opinion

Miss Maudie recognize that kids are easily influenced by what they hear and see. Miss Maudie feels that Scout, which is the closest to her, is easily influenced by her because she's the only one who sits and talk to her when the boys, Jem and Dill, won't play with her. She feels connected to her in a way. Miss Maudie describes Jem and Dill as her friends and they look up to her. She feels that Atticus, the kids father, is the same person at work and home. He doesn't play with the kids often. Miss Maudie describes Miss Stephanie Crawford as the neighborhood gossip but she didn't really know what was going on. She was kind of messy in a way. Her opinion on the Radleys was different from everyone else's. she claimed that he wasn't all crazy like people made them seem. Arthur Radley, was the son, and rumors was he was killing his family, She also thought he was a foot washing Baptist, who believe everything that is a pleasure is also a sin. Her opinions matter because she's one og the main characters.

Why has Harper Lee Included Miss Maudie as a main character

Harper Lee made Miss Maudie a main character to show the true side of other characters in the novel. Also to show that not all baptists are too religious, to where they live exactly by the bible.