Data Security

Online Security is what cool kids do these days.

Being Safe

Being safe is really not really that hard after you learn the basics of it. It is though an essential part of taking part in social media. Why ruin the fun of social media when you stop being safe. This is why you need to read bellow!

How to stay safe on social media!

  • Do NOT share your password with anyone
  • Do NOT communicate with strangers even if they pretend to be your friend!
  • Do NOT take mean comments/bullying towards you or others for granted, but DO inform a parent/guardian if you witness cyber bullying.
  • Do NOT take part in illegal actions over the internet
  • Do NOT post inappropriate content online. (Basically don't post something that you would not want your parents to see)
  • Do NOT take part in cyber bullying.
  • Do NOT click on mysterious links that might insert malware on your computer.


Top Social Media Sites for Internet Crime to be more cautious when using them!


  • What dangers does the Internet pose to children?
The Internet is an uncensored source of information that is not necessarily designed for children. Exploring the Internet without adult supervision or guidance can expose a child to sites that are harmful (sites that advocate violence, that are sexually explicit, that encourage inappropriate behavior). There are some people that use chat rooms or Instant Messenger programs to make inappropriate contact with children.

  • How do Internet filters work?
There are many commercial Internet filters on the market. They generally work on several levels. They often search web sites for lists of inappropriate words. They often check the address (url) of web sites against lists of known sites that are not good for children.

  • How effective are Internet filters?
There are many Internet filters available on the market. They tend to look for identified objectionable sites and filter for inappropriate words. Recent research indicates that even the best filters may only capture 75% of the objectionable sites. Filters occasionally block sites that are of legitimate interest. Filters can be a helpful tool, but they will not replace the careful guidance of concerned parents and teachers.

  • What are child-safe Search Engines?
There are a number of so-called child safe search engines available on the web. These sites tend to be directories of known safe sites that are reviewed by individuals. Using these directories (e.g. Yahooligans, Kids Click, and Ask Jeeves for Kids) children can learn to use search strategies without accidentally stumbling into a dangerous site.