Scotch/Sheiko iCenter News

JANUARY 2019: News & Notes from the iCenter Staff

Mrs. Potts is the iCenter Paraprofessional for Scotch & Sheiko

Information & Technology Specialists:

Scotch: Monday/Tuesday- Mrs. Carson, Thursday a.m.- Mr. Atkinson

Sheiko: Monday a.m.- Ms. Fisher, Wednesday/Thursday- Mrs. Carson

Ms. Fisher is currently on maternity leave, we wish her well as she cares for her new baby, Henrietta FisherNinan.

Online Book Reviews

Between the two schools, there are over 800 students completing their Pine Tree Book Reviews! Over the past two years we've had great success with the google forms.

This year, we are allowing students to complete their forms at home.


We've found that there are a few simple steps that you must follow to make sure that the form is able to open properly:

1. Know your student.wbsd.org email address & password

2. Make sure NO other google accounts are active/open at the time of opening the form.

3. If you've tried to open the form while another gmail account is active, your cache/cookies/browser history may need to be refreshed or cleared out

Here is a HELP SHEET, developed by Mrs. Berman from Scotch. Sheiko students will access the "Sheiko Portal".

Scottie/Sharks Read In @SCOTCH for January

Monday, Jan. 28th, 6:30-7:30pm

5959 Commerce Road

West Bloomfield Township, MI