Outreach For Millennials

Four Steps for Churches to Increase Social Media Interaction

The most sobering fact that many church leaders face today is that “nearly one-third of Millennials who grew up in the church have dropped out at some point.” * There are many reasons why this is happening across the United States, but one of the main complaints is that church has become irrelevant and old fashioned. ** With a lack of interest that has become increasingly noticeable over the past generation, churches are looking for ways to increase their numbers – not only in attendance, but engagement as well.

Adam Duckworth received a Bachelor of Science degree in pastoral ministries from Southeastern University. While attending classes, he realized that there was an opportunity to reach a demographic that was losing interest in traditional Sunday services. While pursuing his Master’s degree in public relations, he has discovered the potential in reaching that same demographic through social media.

For many churches and ministries, social media can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating. Others look at it as a novelty or a waste of time. Sadly, they are not using websites such as Facebook and Twitter to its fullest potential.

Adam has researched and developed strategies to help these churches. And he’s ready to share what he has discovered.

Please join him as he discusses…

Outreach for Millennials: Four Steps for Churches to Increase Social Media Interaction

Saturday, April 19th, 6-6:15pm

This is an online event.

Those in attendance of this event will gain knowledge on how to leverage Social Media and use it for outreach. Topics that will be covered will include:

· Learning the basics of social media

· Setting up a Facebook and Twitter account for your ministry

· How to engage in meaningful conversation (and ignore the meaningless noise)

· The importance of the hash tag

· Why church leaders should encourage cell phone use during a worship service

By implementing a few simple tactics that will be covered, church leaders should have a better understanding of who the younger demographic is, what they expect, and how to reach them. This webinar will be broadcasted live at http://adamlduckworth.com. For those that will not be able to attend live, a recording of the webinar will be archived on the website.

* Barna Group

** CNN