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Monday, February 8, 2016

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Happy New Year! or...

Chúc mừng năm mới! (Vietnamese)

Gong Hey Fat Choy! (Cantonese)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Mandarin)

Today is Lunar New Year for large percentage of the world's population, and many of our students here at Chancellor. A few links have been included for you below, for your own knowledge, or to share with your students! Or let some of your students share what they are doing for the New Year with their families!

The Monkey Year 2016

According to the Lunar Calendar, the monkey year of 2016 is Binh Than or Fire Monkey year. It is believed that in Binh Than year, parents should give birth in Summer or Spring to ensure the best future for their children. Furthermore, the monkey year 2016 is predicted to be an unstable year when careful planning and group action may fall short. Individual effort and innovation will play a more important role than institutional and orthordoxy attempt. Rely on your own instead of your organization and go ahead with your ground-breaking ideas will be the most sensible advice in the monkey year of 2016.


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  • Please be on time to work every day.
  • If you are running late, call or text your supervisor and team leader.
  • If you have morning duty, be there at the time you are scheduled.
  • Update your content and language objectives every week (noticed in almost every grade level last week classrooms that were not updated...).
  • Greet your students in the morning as they walk in. Smile! Start the day off right, even if you are feeling sleepy still. :)
  • Afternoon duty- if you team has late duty, be there to help get the kids inside and make the needed phone calls.
  • Afternoon Car Rider- cover all duty spots. Help block and substitutes in getting to the right spot for coverage.
  • If you are sick and want to get to a doctor, but don't want to take a day off work, make an appointment with Alief Total Family Care Clinic and you can go during the day.
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Reminder: Security Audit

  • Please check all badges of any adults you see in the building.
  • Escort any adults without ID to the front office to be Raptored in.
  • Reminder your students not to let anyone in the back or side doors.
  • Please keep pod doors closed during the school day.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the office.
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Dress Code- Next Steps:

Last week's newsletter contained a review of some dress code reminders needed here at Chancellor. As stated last week, we need to step up our dress code expectations, as there have been some observations made in our building at times of various staff members looking very casual or even somewhat inappropriate for a professional work environment. This is being addressed on a campus-wide level through review of the dress code via newsletter. I will also send out a link this week to the district handbook as well as the campus handbook. Next steps will include putting reminders in mailboxes as needed if someone is not following the expectations for business casual dress, as outlined by our district and campus expectations. The reminder will state simply the violation, and this will be tracked by supervisors, if further action is needed upon repeated violations. If you have any questions about this, please see an administrator. If you have questions about specific clothing choices, please see last week's newsletter or ask someone.

9 Ways to be a Positive Communicator

1. Shout Praise, Whisper Criticism - This phrase comes from the original Olympic Dream Team and Detroit Pistons coaches Chuck Daily and Brendan Suhr. They won NBA Championships and an Olympic Gold medal with a lot of talent and great communication. They gained the trust of their players and built winning teams by praising in public and constructively criticizing in private. Shouting praise means you recognize someone in front of their peers and whispering criticism means you coach them to get better. Both build better people and teams.

2. Smile More - When you share a real smile it not only produces more serotonin in your brain but in the brain of the recipient of your smile. Just by smiling at someone you are giving them a dose of serotonin, an anti-depressant. Never underestimate the power of a smile. As a positive communicator you have the power to make someone feel better just by smiling.

3. Don't Complain - When you complain you lose power, effectiveness and credibility as a communicator and leader. Most of all complaining is toxic and sabotages you and your team. Complaining is like vomiting. Afterwards you feel better but everyone around you feels sick. I know it's a gross analogy but you’ll never forget it.

4. Encourage - Truett Cathy said, "How do you know if a man or woman needs encouragement? If they are breathing." We all need encouragement and positive communicators encourage and inspire others to do more and become more than they ever thought possible. Great communicators are great encouragers.

5. Spread Positive Gossip - Instead of sharing negative gossip, be the kind of communicator who spreads positive news about people. My college lacrosse teammates Mike Connelly and Johnny Heil are famous for this. Whenever you talk to them they are always praising our mutual friends. "Did you hear how awesome so and so is doing? Their kids are doing great!" They never say a negative word about anyone. They always spread the positive news and the best part is that you know when you are not around they are likely sharing something positive, not negative about you.

6. Sometimes You Have to Listen More and Talk Less - Positive communicators don't just talk. They listen. They ask questions and really listen. Research shows that when people feel like they are seen and heard there is a moistening in the eyes and yet in 90% of our conversations there is no moistening in the eyes. Positive communicators make others feel important by listening to them and truly hearing what they have to say.

7. Welcome Feedback - Positive communicators also listen to and welcome ideas and suggestions on how they can improve. They don't fear criticism. They welcome it knowing it makes them better. They send a clear signal to their team, customers, coaches, etc. that they are always willing to learn, improve and grow. Positive communicators say "I'm open. Make me better. Let's get better together."

8. Celebrate Success - Instead of focusing on what went wrong each day, positive communicators focus on what went right. They celebrate their successes, even the small ones, knowing that small wins lead to big wins.

9. Give High Fives, Handshakes, Pats on the Back, Fist Bumps and Hugs When Appropriate - Positive communication isn't just verbal. It's also physical. Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of physical contact between doctors and patients, teachers and students and professional athletes. For example in one study the best NBA teams were also the touchiest (high fives, pats on the back, hugs). In a world where physical touch has become taboo because of misuse and abuse we must remember that it is a way we humans communicate naturally and is very powerful and beneficial when done appropriately with good intention. Personally I'm a fist bumper and a hugger. When I meet people at speaking engagements I give them a choice. Bump or Hug. Whichever they are more comfortable with is great with me.

From Jon Gordon's weekly newsletter, the link is below!

Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentines Day, and Events this week!

This is a busy week for holiday events! Tomorrow we will have some Mardi Gras treats, and Friday will be our annual Chinese New Year luncheon. Yum! You will get an email with location information. Calories don't count on holidays, right?? Ha!!

Shout-Out to Third Grade!

Last week's 100th Day of school was fabulous across the building, but a big shout-out goes to Third Grade for their awesome 100th Day Shirts! What a great team effort! (I would have pictures but having technical difficulties...) And of course our Zero the Heroes made the rounds as well- thank you to Tammy and Nina for your expert acting skills in portraying our campus superheroes! A big thanks to all the teachers and staff who worked hard to make the 100th Day meaningful to our students- what a great way to integrate math into every content area!
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