Photography and the art of sharing

Sharing your pictures is an art in it self

Instagram, facebook, twitter or flickr ?

There are different ways of sharing pictures on the internet. You might spend some holiday time in Spain, or maybe just at a local beach. You've had a good time, and want to tell your friends about it. While spending your holiday, you took pictures. Pictures of

places and people. After the holiday or in it on the move you decide to share some of your picture.

You maybe Instagram or twit a picture of you and your friends.

But once it's out there, you can't get it back.

Think about what you're doing, ask permission from your friends. Get a copy right, if you want no one to use it but you. Or use an internet website where you give permission to others to use your picture. Otherwise it's not yours anymore.

Think about what you're doing before you begin and get the most out of it and have fun.

How to Share Photos on Facebook