by Christina

Wireless Communication

Photos Gone Viral

When a photo has went viral it means you or some else has posted a photo and a lot of people must of liked it because a lot of people have seen it and commented on it.

Texting and Driving

You are never suppose to text and drive it could get you killed. People that text while drive have a 4% more chance of dying when their on their phone.

The Right Plan

You have to make a plan that every one agrees on(mom and dad) because that is a compromise.

Coverage Issues

Coverage Issues is when you have problems with you coverage

Choosing A Computer

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is where you practice computing.

Buying A Computer

You need to find the right computer that is fit for your needs So you should make a list saying what you need.

What Software Do I need

If you don't get the right software that could probably damage your computer

so you need the right one and again that fits you needs

Family Computing.

Sometimes your family doesn't understand cloud computing,

So you have to practice that with your family.

The Viral World

The Viral Internet

The internet is a crazy place out there, make sure you know about it

first. Be careful what you do and what you post, like it or not people

are watching you.

Secure, Social Network

Just make sure where your going so you don't get

Virus Attack

Viruses can strike anytime so that's why you should try to prevent it from happening.

Before you sign up for a new website you should look it up and see what people say about it.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is something serious. If someone stole

your identity you should report it to the police.

Secure Sites

This was about getting you to know if you knew what site is secure

and getting you away from it.

Internet Sources and Credibility

Credible Sources

If you want to find that perfect site for your English paper that is also credible.

You have to look at the work. If there is mistakes, bias, and wrong facts it's not credible.

Plagiarism Pitfalls

You don't want to plagerize on that paper either. To know if you are plagiarizing

you should follow these rules, don't directly copy and paste from the test, if you quote

from someone put in quotations marks and state who its author, or who wrote it.

Responsible Technology Use

Even before all that you should know what is Responsible Technology Use. You have to

be responsible. You have to use it in the right ways to. Treat the internet people like how you would like to be treated.

Creating Multimedia Products

Blog Editing

lot of people do this on facebook, or any site that you can type on except you

have to have a blog. You have to write or type.

Viral Downloads

Viral downloads is where you download something from the internet for free or for monry an sometimes virus free.

Understanding Copyright

You have to understand copyright to do anything on the computer first.

You have to follow copyright to do the English Paper. The mean of Copyright is, the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same. I found this on,

Digital Relationships and Respects

Harmful Posts

Harmful Posting is when you do something intentionally that a person makes a person or more than one person feel bad. It could lead to pretty bad stuff , it could lead to someone killing theirs selves.

Digital Emotions

Digital Emotions are just as real as non-digital emotion. They can happen the same way.

They hurt the same way and feel the way.

Cyberbully Myths and Facts

48 percent of the things you hear about Cyberbully are myths. Some of them are really dumb. But some are actually true. You have to be careful about who friend, make sure that their not a perverted person.

The Future of Technology and You

The Future of Technology and You

Technology is great thing. I helped us out with a lot of stuff

/we could never know what will happen in the future except some guesses.

The picture might be our future.