Jefferson News

May 4, 2020

Jefferson Families,

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! To honor our wonderful teachers, we want to do something each day to show them how much we appreciate all they do. Below is the plan for the week:

  • Monday: Families, please fill out the Family Feud Survey with your student(s). We will use your answers to play a game with teachers! Please fill this survey out today as we will start the games tomorrow. The survey is below and also linked here.
  • Tuesday: Write a note to your teacher to share why you appreciate them. Please write the note on this Padlet Board (Click here to write a note).
  • Wednesday: What emoji, picture, or "gif" best describes your teacher? Fine one and send it to your teacher with a description of why you chose that for her/him.
  • Thursday: School-wide "Arts" challenge: Create or sing a song about teachers. Your child can write lyrics to a song or video themselves singing a song and send it our way! Can't wait to see the creativity!
  • Friday: Dress up like your teacher and send us a picture!

We have the best teachers at Jefferson and want to make sure they know it! :)


Mr. O'Konek