Art, Music, and Spanish in Fort Thomas Independent Schools

What's Happening?

The 2014-15 school year is in full swing, and as district specials teachers, we will be using a newsletter to provide you and your family with a glimpse of the many amazing experiences our students are having in Art, Music, and Spanish throughout the year. Enjoy!

Visual Art - Mrs. Everett & Mrs. Flynn

Music - Mrs. Scaggs & Mr. Rockel

Spanish - Sra. Dashley & Sra. Leigh

Primary - Grades K-2

Intermediate - Grades 3-5

3rd Grade Jubilee

3rd Grade: Music

Over the past few weeks, students in third grade have been practicing rhythm. They have been learning about rhythm symbols and note duration.

Students have:

· Identified note duration aurally and visually

· Written one and two measure rhythms

· Moved to different rhythms to reinforce half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes

· Performed rhythms as a group

Here is a video that shows a third grade class working on an accompaniment to “Jubilee.” There are three groups, each with their own rhythm that they learned by reading.

David Rockel

3-5 Music Educator FTIS