Voice Clock

About are business

The business idea that we can up with is an alarm clock that tells you the 10 most important things you need to know in the morning. Some examples could be the sports game, the weather outside, traffic, if the transportation is on time or stocks. The alarm clock will provide you real time information of what you want to know. To allow the alarm clock to send and keep updating in real time, you have to download an app that we will provide on our website. This app will allow you to input the 10 most important things that you will need for the next day. Then the app will send your request to our cloud. The cloud will keep up dating what you have chosen until it is time for you to wake up.

Target Market

Voice Clocks target market is people who work or go to school that need to wake up early. This product is useful for anyone who wakes up early that needs a reminder on what they have to do later in the day. Another side to the Voice Clock is its usefulness for mentally disabled people. Some examples of mental disabilities that this product can help is alzheimer's and dementia.

Marketing Strategy


We will manufacture are product in China. We will do this for the cheap labour costs which will increase the amount of money earned. Sending our orders to China will help our business stay economically balanced.

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