Affordable And Clean Energy

Terrific Group 20

Global Goals 7

In our classroom we are working on affordable and clean energy (global goal 7) .And in this flier we worked on a song , artwork ,and other things for affordable and clean energy.I hope you enjoy all the hard working in this.Enjoy.
Global Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy


This is the art group. They worked really hard on representing affordable and clean energy.
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ACE - Song Lyrics by Nick, Sloane, Sadia, and Kelsey

Nick And Sloane

I like the world the way it is I think you do too why don’t you just make clean so we can have the world we want


You can change the world be a big part it comes from the heart yeah yeah be a big part yeah its comes from the heart


This is the world we live in and I’m tired of people being horrible to the world we live in affordable and clean energy what we want want want

Music Video GG7

The Clean and Efficient House

This house is still in the design process. At this point, the team has added a water wheel, a solar panel, and a water collection system. We will continue to update this section as the house moves towards completion.
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Mrs.Cote's class room