Through A Man's Best Friends Eyes

Can dogs see in color? Read below

Black and white vision?

We used to once believe that our furry family members could on see in the (rather boring) black and white!

It has been discovered that that is now a misconception! Dogs can see in color, but not as intense of a color as humans see!

This is because human eyes have 3 cones which allow us to distinguish between red, green, blue and yellow. While the man's best friend only has two cones which allows them to see blue and yellow but not red and green. This state of vision is similar to those of people who are (red-green) colorblind.

Fun facts

Dogs only have 20% of the cone photoreceptor cells that humans have

Dog toy colors are frequently red and orange, that which is hard for your furry friend to see, which could result in your pet not showing much interest to it or simply your pet not being able to see it much within the grass.

The Dog's Eye

"Some experts believe that dogs only have 20–40% of our visual acuity."

The dog eye is not as complex as the human eye, the dog eye only having two cones means our 4 legged friends can mostly see the world in yellow, blue and gray.

This means when seeing red, green and yellow a dog may only see them in one hue (that hue being yellow)!

Despite their poor vision they still navigate quite freely, dogs rely more on their scent for direction rather than vision.

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