Tennessee's Young Educators at Heart!

Join us - Share - Eat!

Free appetizers throughout the evening.

Looking for a group to unwind, answer your questions and understand your day to day better than you do? WELCOME!

Young at Heart? Under the age of 35? (Millennial) Been an educator for less than 10 years? We are here for each other!

Have a burning desire to share your best strategy from 1st quarter? Bring it with you... and be proud of your work. Looking for some strategies to approach your classroom, students, curriculum different.... help each other. Bring your questions, bring your answers! We are the best resource for one another in the profession.

Hours of Happiness for educators

Tuesday, Sep. 30th, 3:30-6pm

2130 W Poplar Ave

Collierville, TN

Meet us at Huey's in Collierville for Hours of Happiness. Huey's # 901-854-4455

We will be there from 3:30- 6pm. Please RSVP if you think you might stop by and/or bring a friend. This way we have enough room saved for ourselves. Thank you!

Teach, live or know an educator friend in Collierville. This event is for you! Bring a colleague from your school or a surrounding school system to enjoy some relaxation and conversation.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

While we are here....

  1. Eat appetizers.
  2. Enjoy the hours of happiness.
  3. Converse with other educators
  4. Share teaching strategies that have been successful.... or less successful!
  5. Eat appetizers.
  6. Share the excitement for fall break!
September Drawing Survey

6 question survey= additional name in the monthly Drawing. One survey per person/per month.