Mrs. Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Our Week In Review

Most of last week was about the periodic table. We finished our Element Projects. Everyone worked very hard and I truly enjoyed the effort and creativity that was put into them. Great job! We had our first unit test on Matter. All grades will be posted by Tuesday. FYI. More pictures of the SuperHero Elements will be posted on next week's newsletter.

Welcome Ms. Laura Baker!

Ms. Baker comes from LaGrange College.She will be with Mrs. Bulloch's class as a student intern through December.

Next Week's Preview

Next week, students will begin to learn about the four phases of matter, and physical & chemical properties and changes. Our week will be full of content and activities. Friday we will make slime!!! Please bring Dixie cups or food coloring if you can to help with supplies. Its messy; so don't dress nice!!!