Bloxels for Beginners

Getting Started

What is Bloxels?

Bloxels is a game creator kit that can make use of a physical kit of pieces and an app. Game enthusiasts can design over 160 levels to a game and customize all features from character to setting to obstacles to create an engaging experience for game players.

How does it connect to the curriculum?

Game development naturally relates to creative writing because a game creator has to carefully plan out the characters, the goals and plenty of obstacles to achieving goals, and writers must do the same thing.

You can find some great lesson ideas on the Bloxels Lesson Plans & Activities page. Scroll down on the page to see ideas for using Bloxels in Social Studies, Science, Art and Creative Writing. The planning kit you can download here is also excellent.

Bloxels provides kids with a great creative writing tool or retelling tool to help them connect with characters they have read about and inspire them to critically think about the problems characters encounter.

Check out the video below that shows a second grade student in Mrs. Opitz class talking through a game she created based on Sleeping Beauty.

Bloxels Sleeping Beauty

Getting Started in Bloxels

Begin Building your Game

Bloxels Tutorial - HOW IT WORKS - Building Your Game

Building Characters

Bloxels Builder - HOW IT WORKS - Building Characters - YouTube

Building Boards

Bloxels Builder - HOW IT WORKS - Building Boards

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