Carreer Project

By: Derrick ortiz

Future plans

I would love to be either a soccer player pilot or a childcare worker. I want to be a soccer player because it's my favorite sport and pays a lot. I want to be a piolot because I could fly freely in the sky and go to other places. I would also like to be a childcare worker because I like to play with children and they are be a role model for them


According to the o*net profiling result I'm an orange and orange claims to be artistic and creative and this is my color because I'm creative and don't like to follow that many rules. I don't want to be cooped up in a office. I'd rather be walking around and using hands on expirements that are fun.

Carreer choices

I want to be a childcare worker because I work well with kids. I like to play with them and make up fun games with them like catch the ball but with a fun twist. I also want to be someone that can enspire kids to become someone great in the future. the only bad thing with the job is that it pays 19,730 dollars.

Other carreer choices

  1. Video game designers- 83,410
  2. Multimedia artists and animators- 63,630


The college I want to attend to for a childcare worker is Collin county community college. It's not that expensive in terms of colleges and it provides majors for my jobs. The other colleges are brookhaven college and blinn college. I think Collin college is still better for me.
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Budget paragraph

I am spending more than I'm making and that's really bad. I'll be in debt if I don't cut down on somethings but since it's a childcare service I can get another part-time job and hopefully that wil be enough. I could also live at home or with a roommate to cut down on expenses. I could also get car rides from my friends.