Federal Deposit Insurance Company -Benson

What Is this FDIC?

The FDIC was created to give back trust to to bankers by the Americans after The Great Depression. It also gives deposit insurance to United Sates depositors in bank. This is a recovery program and a relief program. It gives relief to Americans when they are given their money back, and it gives recovery when it helps American get more away from The Great Depression.

The FDIC still exists today.

Will The FDIC help the USA's Economy?

I believe that the FDIC will help the economy of the United States.

It is only trying to help the people get/gain their money back.

How does the FDIC program help people better understand the Great Depression?

The FDIC was made to help the people. It was not made just to take people's money or just give random people money. It was made to give back what the people of the States have already earned and that were let down when they needed their money the most.
The Deposit Insurance Fund - How it Works