The Pueblos

By: Samantha Steinke

What part of the United States do the Pueblo's live?

The Pueblo’s lived in Southwest United States. They were scattered at the four corners. In Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and parts of Texas.

What did the Pueblos live in?

The Pueblo’s lived in houses called Roomblocks. The homes were made of stone, wooden poles, and Adobe is thick mud and it was sun dried into bricks. The Roomblocks were 1 story tall. They used them to store food, cooking, and everyday activities. For people who lived on cliffs would live in houses called cliff dwellings.

What did the Pueblos eat?

The Pueblo’s grew some of their food like corn, beans, and squash.They hunted deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and rabbit. They ate the meat and used the skin as clothes. The pueblo’s also gathered Pinyon, which are nuts,Yucca, which are fruit, Rice Grass, which is seeds, and Amaranth and Goose Foot, which is seeds and greens.

What did the Pueblos use to serve food and get food.

Pueblo’s used spears, war clubs, and bow and arrows to hunt. They used jars called Neck Banded Gray They used them for storage and cooking. They also had bowls called serving bowls. Another type of pottery was Red Ware. Red Ware was traded region.

Pueblo Traditions

One of the Pueblo’s traditions is to dance. They did the Sun

and Rain dance. They did this to call spirits and to heal the wounded.

Fun Facts

Did you know the word Pueblo in Spanish means town. Also turquoise was used in the South West to make jewelry. The Pueblo’s believed turquoise would bring good health, happiness, and good fortune.