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Just so KIND!

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and it made me think of all of the wonderful acts that I've had the chance to observe from our LAVCA families this year. I realize that I say it often but I am so proud to be a part of this program and the families that we serve. Our LCs are setting so many fine examples for our children to follow! The students are our not only our future but our hearts! We can do this together! #LAVCApride!

~Gina Warren, Family Engagement Coordinator

In this issue:

  1. In Memory of Mr. Hawxhurst
  2. News from Our Grade Band Leads...
  3. Read Across America Week
  4. Missed the Parent Advisory Meeting in your area? Join us Monday at 5 pm online!
  5. Important Dates--Mark Your Calendars!
  6. Important Message from Louisiana Chapter of Public School Options
  7. Attending Class Connects? You're missing out if not!
  8. It's Time for LAVCA's Spelling Bee!
  9. Counseling Corner- 7 Practical Ways to Maximize an ADHD or ADD Child's Potential
  10. LAVCA's Featured Student: Meet Gregory S.
  11. Support LAVCA--it doesn't take much effort!
  12. State Testing Information (Register to attend one of our Face-to-Face Meetings in your Area)
  13. Live Help--We're Here for YOU!
  14. March Outing Information and Reservation Links

In Memory of Mr. Hawxhurst...

It is with great sadness that I share that one of our own, Mr. Hawxhurst, passed away on Friday, February 12, 2016. Mr. Hawxhurst has been with us for the past three years serving in the high school area and working very closely with our seniors. We were informed of his passing yesterday. A memorial Mass will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the location below. He was a dedicated educator and cherished time spent with his students. He will be missed by his LAVCA family.

Mater Dolorosa
1230 S. Carrolton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

News from Mrs. Groven (High School Lead):

High school…we are gearing up for our time to shine on the EOCs! Be sure that you are attending class connects, and be on the lookout for any EOC resources and small groups your teachers will offer!

Our first quarterly gating date was February 29th. It is important to stay current on your assignments and working on Study Island topics weekly in the classes that they are offered.

Spring break is coming at the end of this month too. It’s a great opportunity to take the time to catch up.

As always, never hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher or myself for any needed support.

Mr. Rogrigue in Middle School has a few reminders:

Welcome back from break MS families!

We hope you enjoyed yourself during your break and have come back ready to learn. The LEAP assessment will be here before we know it so now is the time to buckle down and let your teachers know if you are having any issues. Learning coaches, please remember attendance requirements are 6 hours per day, 30 hours per week. Please take advantage of the live help sessions offered by the teachers; they are there to help you. Eighth grade students, check your kmail and course pages for newsletters. 6th and 7th graders can check the weebly site:, or your kmail for messages from your teachers.

To our families who began in January, I hope that you all feel like you have found your way with LAVCA. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to your homeroom teachers or myself. We want to help you make this transition to a virtual LAVCA family as smooth as possible so please come to us for support. Thank you everyone!

Let's not forget our Elementary students...a message from Mrs. Dehart!

Welcome back from the break K5 families,

I hope you all took the opportunity to rest up and enjoy some time with your families and that you are revitalized for the rest of the school year. Please be sure that you are logging into the OLS (students and LCs) each school day and putting forth your 6 hours of academic efforts each school day. Be sure to take full advantage of your teachers newsletters and the resources they have provided to you on their webpages at To our families who began in January, I hope that you all feel like you have found your way with LAVCA. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to your homeroom teachers or myself. We want to help you make this transition to a virtual LAVCA family as smooth as possible so please come to us for support. Thank you everyone. Have a wonderful Read Across America Week, St Patrick’s Day, and Pi day coming up on March 14th. If you do any Pi day activities please share with us!!


Mrs. DeHart

K5 Lead Teacher

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Did you miss the Parent Advisory Meetings Across the State??? Join Dr. Daniel online Monday, February 22nd at 5pm. Look for the invite in your CC Schedule.

There's so much happening at LAVCA-don't miss out!

Monday, February 22nd:

Monroe and Shreveport F2F Testing Meetings @ 9am

•“Celebrating the Gift of Dyslexia” Class Connect with Naquin and Warren @ 2pm

Online Parent Advisory Meeting with Dr. Daniel (scheduled in class connect) @ 5pm

Tuesday, February 23rd:

New Orleans and Natchitoches F2F Testing Meetings @ 9am and Northshore/Covington @ 1pm

Wednesday, February 24th:

Lake Charles F2F Testing Meeting @ 9am and Alexandria @ 1pm

Thursday, February 25th:

Lafayette and Houma F2F Testing Meeting @ 9am and Opelousas @ 1pm

Friday, February 26th:

Baton Rouge F2F Testing Meeting @ 9am

Monday, February 29th:

  • Everyone wear your CRAZY SOCKS and share the pictures with us!!!

RAA “Fox in Socks” K-2 Online Fun with Ms. Gina @ 2pm

RAA “Green Eggs and Ham” 3-5 Online Fun with Ms. Gina @ 3pm

Tuesday, March 1st:

ACT for 11th grade students

RAA “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” 6th to 8th Online Fun with Ms. Gina @ 2pm

Wednesday, March 2nd:

Plan/Explore for 9th and 10th grade students

RAA “Book Share” with Ms. Gina for high school students

Friday, March 18th:

  • March Outings

Friday, March 25th - Friday, April 1st:

  • LAVCA Spring Break (catch-up time as needed)
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Louisiana Parents,

Share Your Story!

Help us make sure your voice is heardShare your story TODAY by clicking the following link:

You know firsthand the many benefits that public virtual schools bring to children and families. You have experienced the positive impact that choice in education has made in the learning development of your child. Unfortunately, the teachers unions and some school districts don’t believe in your right to choose the best school for your children, and they have gone to court to end funding for certain charter schools in our state. Even though a judge ruled in May 2015 that charter schools are public schools and deserve public funding, our opponents have appealed the decision. Now, it’s important to tell your story so decision-makers can understand why public virtual charter schools are so important to you.

Please share your story by visiting

Please take 3 to 5 minutes to answer the survey questions and share your story. We need to help educate lawmakers and fellow Louisianans about the benefits of public virtual education.

We appreciate your support!

PS: Don’t forget to check out how you can get involved with the parent coalition by clicking on the link!

See What's Happening in Class Connects!

It's Time for the 2016 LAVCA Spelling Bee! Mark your Calendar for March 11th!

We will have our 2016 LAVCA Spelling Bee March 11th and we would LoVe for you to participate! Two winners from the middle school will move on to the K12 regional spelling bee to represent our school! #LAVCApride

The schedule is below:

3rd to 5th grade: 1pm

6th to 8th grade: 2pm

For more information and to register, please visit:

Counseling Corner...7 Practical Ways to Maximize an ADHD Child's Potential

There was a recent article in Learning Liftoff, an excellent website run by K12, that specifically addressed ADHD students. It mentioned that children who have ADHD or even ADD are often extremely creative, curious, passionate and, of course energetic! These are all characteristics of successful individuals such as Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, John Lennon and Henry Ford among others. The key to helping these kids is to celebrate their differences and look for the benefits of them as well.

The article went on to suggest the following for these children:

1. Allow Exploration of Many Interests (They feel success and obtain confidence.)

2. Support the Strengths of Your ADHD child (Good in math? Celebrate!)

3. Facilitate the Best Learning Model (subject blocking may be better)

4. Take Frequent and Consistent Breaks as needed (typically 30 on/5 off).

5. Create a Productive Learning Environment (few distractions and comfortable; music may be helpful or even sitting on a yoga ball and gently bouncing).

6. Start a Routine (working by a schedule and allowing older children to help create it).

7. Maintain an Exercise Program (improves an ADHD or ADD child's mood and attention)

Schooling from home with LAVCA is the perfect way to implement some or all of these suggestions and if you are "losing" your child during the day, sometimes adjusting the routine can be beneficial as well. For the full article, click here:

Happy reading--it's a GREAT website!

LAVCA's February Featured Student: Meet Gregory and Celebrate his Accomplishments!

Gregory is a 13 year old 7th grader at LAVCA. He celebrated 100 days of school by spreading awareness of Congenital Heart Defects as he is one in one hundred! Gregory was born missing half of his heart and has already had three major open heart surgeries. One in one hundred babies is born each year with a Congenital Heart Defect and they take the lives of more children per year than all childhood cancers combined. Despite this, Gregory has many interests and talents that include playing the violin with the Louisiana Junior Youth Orchestra, clarinet and percussion in the homeschool bands, and is a budding photographer. He also has three little brothers and is the best big brother ever!

We enjoy schooling with LAVCA so that we can customize our school schedule to work for our busy family. We enjoy making the world our classroom and the flexibility allows us to. Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week is Feb. 7-14th. Gregory is proud to spread awareness and share his story with you, his LAVCA family. ~Jennifer Rodriguez

Keep helping us support programs for our students!!! We've added Coke Rewards and it's so simple!

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Register here to attend one of our Face-to-Face Testing Information Sessions Across the State:

LAVCA staff and administration will be visiting across the sate over the next week (February 22nd - 26th) to meet with our families and assist with state assessment preparation. Please register below and join us for these informative meetings as we strive to best prepare our students.

Dates and locations:

Monday, February 22nd


Swartz Baptist Church

1983 Hwy 139

Monroe, LA 71203

Monday, February 22th

AM Session 9-12 pm

Registration Link:


Shreveport Community Church

5720 Buncombe Rd.

Shreveport, LA 71129

Monday, February 22th

AM Session 9-12 pm

Tuesday, February 23rd

New Orleans

Southern University at New Orleans

Leonard S. Washington Memorial Library

6400 Press Drive

New Orleans, LA 70126

Tuesday, February 23th

AM Session 9-12 pm


Northwestern State University
Friedman Student Union
(President’s Room)

175 Sam Sibley Dr
Natchitoches, LA 71497

Tuesday, February 23th

AM Session 9-12 pm


New Zion Baptist Church

17387 New Zion Rd.

Covington, LA 70435

Tuesday, February 23th

PM Session 1pm – 3pm

Wednesday, February 24


Learning Center of Rapides Parish

1410 Neel Kearby Blvd.

Alexandria, LA 71303

Wednesday, February 24th

PM Session 1- 3pm

Lake Charles

Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church

910 N. Shattuck Street

Lake Charles, LA 70601

Wednesday, February 24th

AM Session 9-12

Thursday, February 25th


Progressive Baptist Church

Community Center

1773 East Pinhook

Lafayette, LA 70501

Thursday, February 25th

AM Session 9-12 pm


First Baptist Church in Opelousas

3835 I 49 South Service Rd.

Opelousas, LA 70570

Thursday, February 25th

PM Session 1-3 pm


Theodore Duhe Center

235 Civic Center Blvd.

Houma, LA 70360

Friday, February 25th

AM Session 9- 12 pm

Friday, February 26th

Baton Rouge


4962 Florida Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Friday, February 26th

AM Session 9-12 pm

Those families that utilize LIVE HELP are raving--check it out and receive the support you may need!

LAVCA offers something wonderful to our families: the opportunity to speak to your teacher in LIVE HELP! It's listed on your student's class connect schedule and your teachers are online at these times waiting to assist you. Have your questions ready and log in; it's that simple! Here is the weekly schedule:

K-5: 1:30 to 2:30 Monday and Wednesday

6th/7th: 12 to 1 Tuesday and Thursday

8th: 12 to 1 Wednesday and Thursday

9th-12th: Math and Science Monday and Wednesday 12 to 1

English, History and electives Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 1

March Outings: Please read each description carefully for fee and payment information via the links provided. We use Eventbrite for reservations only. It is free to make reservations but most outings are paid events. Reservations will close March 14th at noon so don't hesitate! There is no need to print any tickets on Eventbrite either.

Please note on outings: most are "pay at the event" and we encourage correct cash. We only use eventbrite for reservations but if you do make a reservation, please make every effort to attend or cancel your reservation prior to March 14th. Both the venues and our staff need that information to be as accurate as possible. :)

Lake Charles: Bowling fun at Petro Bowl ($7 per person includes bowling, shoes, slice of pizza and a drink)

Register here:

Lafayette: Fun at the Lafayette Science Museum ($1 per child/$2 per adult) includes Planetarium visit (Space Flight for Kids) and then tour the exhibits.

Register here:

Houma: Bricks for Kidz and Brickhouse Cardio Club in the dark ($10 per person for 2 hours of fun!)

Register here:

Hammond: Join us for a visit to the Hammond Children's Discovery Center ($7 per person over 2 years/$6 for senior citizens)

Register here:

Baton Rouge: Visit the LA Art and Science Museum with LAVCA! We will visit the science station and then move into Engineering Encounters for some bridge building fun! ($7.25 per person/children under 2 years free)

Register here:

New Orleans: Visit Adventure Quest for some fun with classmates! Enjoy 3 hours of unlimited laser tag, bumper cars or cosmic mini golf as well as a soft drink for $11.50 per participant.

Register here:

Shreveport: Picnic in the park and visit the Spring Street Museum (admission is free; simply bring your picnic)

Register here:

Monroe: Join LAVCA classmates at Northeastern Louisiana Children's Museum to explore the facility and have some "slimey fun!" ($5 per student/$4 for parents and younger siblings over 1 year old)

Register here:

Alexandria: LAVCA families are going wild at Gone Wild Safari! We will have a safari tour, visit the petting zoo, the parakeet habitat and have 1 cup of animal food. ($9 for kids school-age and under/$12 for adults/under 2 years free)

Register here:

Questions? Email Ms. Gina at!

About LAVCA...

We are Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy-a melting pot of the pride and joy of Louisiana and we are setting the standard for virtual education!